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Dokumentation of experiences in Chernarus (by Dr.Jack Walter)

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(This Letter can be found inside a little bunker shelter. The entrance to that little building is unfortunate locked while the lock itself seemed to be manipulated it still seemed to do the job. You may be able to break in with a Toolbox and Entrancing Tools. Inside are only empty tin cans a fridge with a corps inside and this document beneath different medical writings.)

Biography and Testament to the old order of things,

From and about Jack Walters

I was born in a mid-class family, my mother born with the surname Paffelan was from a richer family but she choose my father a Sports teacher as a Husband while she had no income, so i lived not quite the best live as i was really young. What we didn’t had in goods was there in love, i remember my early childhood as amazingly adventurous, my backyard was my paradise and i dreamed of being Indiana Jones while playing in the small creek near our home. After i grown bigger i found a cave there and made my own private camp. I remember being there for hours watching the stream flowing down, while sun felled through green leaves creating a magical atmosphere. I even thought sometimes God must live somewhere there because it was the most beautiful place i had ever known......, so far.

I remember a bigger interest in how things are working; i wanted to know how things work and how the boundary of the world was grounded on. School wasn’t that amazing for me, i loved to learn from the teachers, and our class teacher, Miss Gauz was a great experience. I disliked most of my male classmates, they have seemed to try avoiding the learn-process instead of using it, but i disliked most girls either because of the same lack of my lern-wish. So i brought books to my secret place at the creek, after some time there, they had the smell of mushrooms, so, as i remember, i took them back and began to study them in my room spending less and less time at the Creek. My mother supported me well with new Books, and thanks to her free time and good heart she allways found answers or books for my never ending questions. She was great and teached me at that time that there is value in everything we do, as long as we do it for the good of the people.

I ended ground school with top grades, and began to go to a Grammar school. As my Younger Brother Peter was born my grades where at the bottom, the changing teacher mentality brought down the intimate bound i needed to require satisfaction in learning. That factor failed so i started to get worse and worse in school. The fact that my little brother needed all attention from my mother wasn’t quiet a help. Don’t get me wrong i never gave up learning, but i was not interested in the material delivered by my schoolteachers and instead had my nose in all kinds of things like Bacterial live, physics and even a bit mechanics.

My bad Grades weren’t unnoticed and so my father leaded the conversation on me as i was 13. He told me that is was an clever Boy and that i could be whatever i want, but that i had to stay focused. He went with me to different places i told him i wanted to see and after a conversation with an Doctor of medicine, who told me some things i decided that i what do anything to become a Doctor on my own.

I started focusing as my father told me and in 4 class my grades where at a acceptable level again. I choose to go to a technical school, where i could build up my ground knowledge about Latin and Biology. At that time i expended my social bounds, thanks to my good friend Joshua Schmidt. He showed me some pleasures in life and we did some really nasty things, in exchange i helped him with his studies whenever he had problems with one or another thing. Eventually my wild years ended, because a teacher found us after school, while we smoked some illegal substance. He was fair, and we both where lucky, because our professor did know us well, he didn’t told it the school directorate, but instead smoked the joint with us. A long lasting Mentor friendship with Mr.Gregorz was the result of that.

I first fell in love as I was thirteen with an amazing, blond, brown eyed girl, she was as intelligent as she was beautiful, but i never confessed to her, because i was afraid, after some time she began to date my best friend....they were happy and who was i to disturb that luck? So i turned more to my Books again, spending a lot time with Mr. Gregorz talking about different material i was interested in. My father and i did not do a lot together, but we had our fishing and camping weekends, where our social bounds get stronger even more, i loved my parents, but my little Brother was everything for me. As he was nearly two i showed him my secret cave, and gave it over to him as he was three years old, he should have the same right to do whatever he wanted on that wonderful place. Mr. Gregorz hardened my will of getting a Doctor and helped me a lot in require information i needed to proceed in the direction i wanted. As I was a little child we not often drove into vacation, but my mother had managed to save up some money over an for me unknown period of time, so that we could afford to travel to Spain.

I wish we would never have boarded that little family car… about 180 km away from home a Truck oversaw us while trying to pass another Truck. Our little car didn’t stand a chance as the much heavier Vehicle compressed the front part of the vehicle that much that there wasn’t much left from my parents to burry. My little Brother and I, those where sitting in the back of our car where like a wonder take not a scratched or at least no real injury. My little Brother had the unfortunate luck of falling unconscious. Right after the Accident I dragged his little body out of the car…. I can’t describe the next few hours after that, when I try to remember everything seems like a movie to me and I can’t bring myself to describe the pictures I saw of my own mom and dad……. We were in hospital, and after that, thanks to my father`s life-insurance my brother was brought to a big orphanage. I felt that my brother needed me, so instead of living in a dormitory I choose to stay with him. After some time I managed to contact some of our relatives and they agreed of taking care of Peter. After that event i felt worried about leaving the technic school, but i had to move on and so began to study with the age of eighteen at the university Vienna. While others spend much time with party and sociality, I was different, not that I was that good in the classroom but I liked to spend my time reading and learning while call and visit my little brother Peter, Aunt Jill and uncle Tomas. This time of my life was rather boring, filled with tests and long lasting hours of learning-periods. The only more bright moments where when I managed to take my brother somewhere, like my father used to do with me. I have to say that school wasn’t entirely boring, because there where nice people and I still had much contact to my old Mentor Mr. Gregorz, but after some time I grow aware that he could not provide me with further information, so we met less and less after the years.

I made my doctor with twenty-five. I really quickly managed to get a job, and was working as a free Doctor to help children in Africa. I liked the honest work, but my family, my brother where too far so I decided to get a better paid job back in my home country. That was the place I was working until I got on climbing-vacation with my brother to this country called Chernarus.

He showed me the basics at Electro and we went snorkeling on the shores, after a while Peter decided to head out with a small grout in direction Zelenogorsk/Green Mountain cause he figured that there had to be some sort of climbing wall. I was tired and wanted to see the city. Then the infection spread, I was informed that if my Brother was in Zeleno or Green Mountain, he would be safe there. The city got overran after sometime and I was with a small group of soldiers, that where trying to bring me and some locals to safety in a City called Balota.

Our group got attacked on the way north and most of the people attacked and killed by the Infected. Only I and a life-threatening wounded soldier managed to crawl into a bunker-shelter I accidently found after I had fallen on the ground while fleeing in panic. After I closed the door hours passed before I was able to move again, as I tried to open the door, I realized that it couldn’t be opened again. The soldier would not survive the night that was clear, so I stayed up awake and tried the best I could to ease his suffer. He peacefully slept away pumped full with morphine. I bound him down to be sure nothing will happen to me after I felt asleep myself. Weeks passed and the smell of the rotting body of the soldier gets overwhelming even after I put his body into the now empty fridge.

It is dark since a couple of days and I had to focus and write to not get mad. I managed to break parts out of the door and light is a source of hope in this dark stinking hole down here. Sometimes I am afraid cause the noises my work on the door makes seam to attract the infected.

It can be only hours till sunset; I will then take a walk outside.

(This Pages are only available to Jack Walters and people he has handed this manuskript.)

The first day:

As I got out of my little shelter I called home for the last couple of weeks, the heavy Iron door was fallen back into his lock, and I was not able to reopen it again. I stood there for about an hour and tried not to panic while I desperately pulling and scratching on that door. It was useless, it would not budge.

I tried to calm myself, and came to the conclusion that my state could be worse; at least I had a can of food, the last food from the bunker, my clothes where almost clean and dry and the weather was fine so far. In quiet some distance across a shallow bay I saw a little town and so decided to walk there, because I wanted to make my way back to Elektro, to see if maybe my brother is waiting there for me. What I could not see was sights of life; everything was spooky quiet, car wrecks everywhere blocking the streets.

I had a Bad feeling so I tried to keep a low profile, I really did not wanted to get seen by the Infected, that where now showing that this town belongs to death personally by just crawling or slurping out of there hideouts. I was afraid because they seemed to have a certain knowledge that I had to be somewhere around. I don’t get inside that little town, but instead tried to get around it and keep following the see. This where quiet intense moments, but I figured how little I know about fear later. I quickly left that town behind me and after a quiet journey I got in sight of another Town that looked a little bigger.

There where Rails that I followed always taking a break when I felt like an infected would cross my path, I sweated like a first grader before their first test. At the end of the Town I felt thirsty and was right next to a little building….. I choose to take my luck and slowly crawled in while no infected where in sight. I was insanely lucky and found a water bottle someone must have left there. It bother me a little to take it, but I was sure, no one would need it like I did, so I stopped worrying and took it. After I left small shelter I got discovered by one of the monsters, as I saw it charging panic overwhelmed me and I started running and shouting from the spot away. I was pretty exhausted as I stopped after a while where I could not hear there terrifying screams, as I looked around I saw that some where searching for me in the bushes I had passed while running, that was a good information and I would use it in the future.

I kept a low profile for a while longer and continued my way further. After a while i hit Chernogorsk, it was the Capital of this country before the outbreak as I remembered and pretty close to my destination elektro…..however you spell it right. A little house stood there on a land tongue and I wanted to get more supplies while crossing the City next to the beach. But as I approached the building Infected where coming towards me and I panicked again running with a heart full of fear. I can only remember running further and further, chased by more and more infected. My Heart was pounding hardly against my chest as I saw the Helicopter in the sky and choose to take my chance by approaching it while unarmed and crying out for help loudly. They just came close enough to the ground that I could grab a hand and they pulled me in.

As we lifted in the sky, I was thanking them telling them that they have saved my life, what they actually did. I still wasn’t myself because I can’t remember to have them asked for their names. They didn’t made a big deal about saving me, like they do something like that multiple times a day, and that gave me hope that there are still good people out there and that we have the chance to survive. Not far from where they helped me, a Guy was running around not even to them, but still, they landed and gave him a ride to hid destination of choice. Then I asked if they have maybe seen my brother Peter but they replied with a “No”. After our conversation they agreed with bringing me to elektro, where I planned to continue my search. They gave me the choice of parachuting or landing, I took the parachute, and their faces showed there astonishment about me jumping down a flying helicopter. My brother has some extraordinary hobbies and I wasn’t as Doctor an especially poor man, so I know how to jump correctly out of a flying plane and use the parachute correctly.

I jumped with an loud “Jeronimo” and landed save on the ground beneath me where I hurried to get myself loose of that no steerable military parachute and ran inside the town from where I heard gunshots and probably the safety and comfort of not infected people. I saw them at a marked and as I approached and called hello asking directly for my brother I got robbed. He wasn’t mean but still. That guy took my back bag with all the stuff in it. I was shocked and unarmed while he had a huge gun in his hands so I complied. After that I went away fast, looked if the hospital is enterable and if there are survivors that could possibly help me getting out of my misery. But there was none, so I decided to go back to the Shop and grab the back bag that bandit must have let back when he robed mine.

I found the back bag in the shop as expected and as I was searching for some goods another guy came inside, I only recognized the gun because I was still afraid, but I talked, saying hello. Then I heard “Jack are you that, thanks god man I found you!” I looked in the strangers face and a grow aware that this wasn’t a stranger. I didn’t found my brother, my brother Peter found me after all. After that we got separated for a moment again because we had overseen some infected that where silently hunting us. I ran of dropping all my stuff just to get away with only my life. After our meet up, Peter had given me a radio, that ones we had used while our climbing trips, he convinced me that I had to wear weapons. I do not like it but he is right. Maybe the infected are curable, but we can´t let them eat us or hope will die. We went to Cherno, for medicine and later made our way up to the north, my feet still hurting from that trip but Peter thinks it paid of so we will be fine. I will continue writing when I find the time for it.

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Day 2:

Yesterday was a quite extraordinary day, but, I have the fear that this will become a normal status, since the world has changed so dramatically. I am wearing a big gun now, but it’s steel in my hands weights heavier than just physically. I am afraid of carrying it with me, but I am afraid of giving it away either. One way or another, I will have to kill infected in order to rescue the non-infected, but my brother brought something up that deeply disturbs me. He told me about a lunatic cult of an unknown sort, which seems to kill survivors just for their own amusement. What if one of those will threaten my life? Will I be able to shoot someone; I searched deep inside me I found that I would be able to do so but only under the hardest of circumstances, where my life or the life of someone else gets threatened by an insane cultist. I am happy that this is a rumor right now and that they possible no even exist. But the thought of it sends a cold shower of Goosebumps down my spine.

I woke up north, near the big Airfield where Peter and I hoped there would be at least some military resistance against the outbreak. But all we found was more infected, corpses and even mass graves. I told Peter to stay away from it, could have been an infection herd I thought, I eventually have to come back someday to take some examples of that matter. But right now the place seems to be filled with them walking around. Peter headed of earlier than me, so I had my time to slowly walk around the Airfield and to our meeting place, Lopatino.

It was easy to spot each other and we continued our journey to east again. We traveled fast, a little too fast in my opinion, my feet showed me how less of my physical condition was left, that will hopefully change soon, because I can’t see a light at the tunnel when I don’t manage to get more stamina. That is a quite hard thing to do since our food supplies are on a short call, we will have to keep everything together in order to survive and help other survivors. I got to economize my trips and remember things about fishing and hunting, maybe I can make myself a fishing rod, would at least grant an infinite food source, as long as fish are not infected and bite back, this could be a good way to survive.

We found a car on the way south but I am not a mechanic, sure I know how to change a wheel, but everything above that is far over my point of knowledge. So we left it behind searching for someone that might be able to fix it. We made our way around Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk, after a hunt for someone who seemed to really don’t want to stop. I had to take a break because I could not hold on to my brother and the stranger anymore, so I cried for my brother while we got chased by dozens of infected. It was a good idea, but the stranger had seemed to maybe mistake us as just some other infected that where a little before the herd that was chasing him………. Peter stopped to follow the unknown running stranger after my shout, when we take our breakout most of the infected followed the stranger while we could lose them in a couple of meters, to my luck.

I broke down exhausted like never before, while my brother even barley sweated. I had to take a break, but we had to carry on either, so I went under a small steep rock formation to take a break while Peter continued the search for a mechanic.

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Guest johannes

Nice, brother :P

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Day 3:

A raindrop, formed by early morning dew, loosens itself from a high branch dropped on my forehead where waking me quite early today. The sun had not set and it was freezing cold and fine spray drizzle rain was about to moisten my clothes. I looked down the hill and watched the distant fuzzy shadows, which would be the city of elektrozavosk in bright sunlight. I still was stocked with food water and everything else I could hope for…..except for maybe a heat-pack or a blanket. So I went down to the coast heading in direction chernogorsk, from where I hoped to be able to move on to zelenogorsk where Peter has a little champ and where I figured he maybe was. I did not come far, because I found a boat on the way. It was quite early and the water freezing cold, while the boat could not be reached until someone had a swim and gets it to the shore. So I decided to get myself some firewood before trying to reach the boat, so that I would not catch a cold or even worse disease. As I came back with some wood under my arm and put them a ground I created a little champfire by picking up stones and putting them around the wood. I finished my work on the fireplace and then got out of my clothes, leaving them behind a stone. The water was really freezing but I wanted that boat really badly so I tried to oversee it. I climbed aboard the damaged boat and hoped that it would be functional and it was. Its status was after all excellent even if there were some bullet holes at the cabin. I drove it closer to the shore and hoped on land as soon as I was close enough. I was shaking at that time, so I quickly lighten up the fire and slipped in my underpants, my gun in my hands again just to stay safe. The fire brought my body back from shaking in less than a minute and as I felt dry I decided to take on my clothes again. One second after I was finished a shadow loses himself from the background of the dark night. It was a friendly stranger. He asked me certain things like if the boat on the shore was mine. I told him that I am a doctor and that I am able to help him with medical supplies, but he refused, after that I offered him a ride to elektro, since I had in plan to head over there and look for the islands, I hoped they maybe not been overran by the infected. He refused that offer either and went on with wishes of luck; I wished I could have done something for him.

So I started my journey and after a while I saw that there wasn’t much fuel left inside the tanks. I slowly drove around Elektrozavosk and kept an eye on the harbor, everything seemed to be safe, so I landed the big Fischer boat next to the shore in the south, I had to find fuel, or my boat journey would have ended here. As it was still dark and the infected seem to need a special sort of light that seams isn’t really available at night or inside dark houses I had little to fear of them. Still they are freaking me out so I went slowly in direction industrial area as two people ran into the same direction. They did not saw me and tey did not looked really well equipped or like bandits. I was running right on the pier entering the big industrial building where I found for what I had searched, fuel inside of a Jerry can. “I am golden” I thought as someone got inside my building.

He was a quiet guy and I think shocked that I am in here. We just were greeting the other one, both with astonishment written right into our faces. Right now as I write it down I have to imagine how stupid my look must have been as he entered the Room I was in. He left as fast as he had come and I was afraid of him. So I left quickly but silently in direction of the boat. I reached it and it was still there, I jumped aboard and filled the tanks with the little fuel from the jerry can. I had seen a fuel storage tank not far and directly on the harbor, so I drove a little bit and parked the boat again on an passable place to refill it. I had to haulage that jerry can several times before the boats fuel tank was absolutely filled.

I was happy to leave elektro behind me and continued my journey to the little islands around skalisty. Otmel’s Ocean wasn’t really deep so I had to watch out for shallow water, infected where roaming around that small islands, so I was sure that a champ around here would be only possible if a military force could clean out and control the area. Skalisty itself was overran, I could see the infected moving around in the spotlights of the boat as I tried to get better look from my save position. I passed the rocky reef and saw a light up campfire on the shores to the east and spontaneously decided to give who ever is there a visit. I grow aware that there was a second boat a PBX to be exactly and as I approached the camp I saw that there was an infected right in the middle, still the fire was burning so I shot the zombie and cried out if there is somebody near. After some time I decided that this camp must have been given up, so I went down to my boat again and connected the PBX to it, drove to a little island no one and nothing would reach without a boat. I left the Fischer boat there and decided to get more fuel out of that fuel tank in elektro.

Unfortunate for me I stranded at Otmel in shallow water and wasn’t able to get the boat from the sandbank into water on my own again. So I had to left it, take all my stuff and swim against the stream towards the shore. Half ways on my way the stream grasped me with its freezing hands and tried to swap me outside onto the far big Ocean, but I struggled and at least dropped my pistol what made me able to completely exhaust climbing the shore of the first island. I was wet and freezing but I had known I could not stop now or I would have maybe frozen to death. So I get myself back on my feet and continued to the next island. The stream between the islands wasn’t the same that had thorn on my body a minute ago, I was thankful for that because I would not have made such a struggle again without throwing all my stuff away. After felt hours of swimming and crawling on the last shore I managed to setup a fire from broken braches in a little forest, I spent the next few hours to make sure I will not get sick from my stupid little adventure. I won’t climb into a boat that quickly again…..Luckyly I had the maches in my mouth the entire time, I dint know what would have happened otherwise.

It was bright nearly dayligth as I packed my stuff and was planning now to head to Zelenogorsk again. But things are always changing. As I passed Elektrozavosk I heard a long missed sound, a running engine somewhere. I ran outside onto the street as I saw them, one opened the door for me and in the next second I was inside the bus where some decrepit people where talking some paying attention to me. Our driver took in two more people and then we were heading off north. I asked them if they would need any medical help, since I am a doctor and I really appreciated getting a ride in a bus. We talked about one or the other thing and after a while we took a break besides the street. One of them used the pond next to us, stripped his clothes and jumped inside the water, I still had my little adventure in mind so I wasn’t eager to join his morning-swim, and so didn’t anyone else. They told me about different groups and their opinion about them; they were natives and seemed to be good and honest folks.

The break was over and as I told them that I will go to Zeleno they convinced me to stay, so I we drove up to Zub castle and I saw the inspiriting wonder of a camp, they even had houses what meat dry conditions for food and medicine. I offered my help to any stranger that needed it. After I helped them, they restock me with medicine, I was happy to do my part and so did not let a chance to help passing by. I stayed there talking to the people or listen to what they talk to each other, even though there conversation matters where mostly dark, it was good to hear human voices speak without fear of getting eaten in the next two minutes. After some time the crowds scattered and so I decided to get on going and find Peter again.

We managed to get a car but gave it later away to two nice people that helped us getting it in the first place and later got separated at Elektrozavosk again; I am right now on search for him again. I hope to continue my writings soon, especially that one about simple extraction of volatile oils and making penicillin with different fungus.

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The worst experience…….

Yesterday was a mess like i am personally today. Peter died……. a deep pain penetrates my mind and the feeling of being now alone in the world is omnipresent. I have to write the whole situation down so that I can think it through. But I am sure I will never know what exactly happened. We were lucky the last couple of days and everything just was fine. We managed to build up or hometown that we decided to call “Homestone”. Heinrich was really lucky and was able to find out that here was a helicopter of his old unit nearby. Heinrich Becker is a Helicopter-pilot from Germany and I would don’t know what to do now without him. Luckily for us, the Helicopter don’t even need repairs, just some fuel was missing. There are sure not much fully-qualified pilots out there in the wastelands.

We are lucky for that Heinrich is an ex-military helicopter-pilot, and we had good use for it. We did friendly things the last couple of days if we weren’t about to build up Homestone. Turned out that quiet some people are stupid, two guys who we just meet and took great risks to rescue them and then later geared them up and flew them to their destination of desire, as example. As we landed and they were jumping out, I had an unpleasant feeling about them and I was right. They tried to keep us on the ground and wanted us to turn down the engines. We are not stupid and got altitude already as they started to randomly shoot at us, without any sentence of hostility. I saw Peter taking a shot and got wounded badly in this fight and I took a grazing shot near my left shoulder. There are two heavy machine guns onboard, so we left them behind as corpses; I never believed killing someone can be that easy but after I saw my brother sinking unconscious back to the seat I had nothing else in mind than just get out alive and so emptied the gun until everything there was dead on the ground. We flamed them and got back to somewhere we could take care of Peter that was still alive and not as badly wounded as it looked from first view.

Later on we managed to get hold of a second helicopter the little bird. Our plan was to park that chopper on the rooftop of Cherogorsk hotel so that no one will be able to reach it until we bring them there with our helicopter. We were the first to arrive there and as we flew circles around the city suddenly radio transmission to the little bird where peter and a new friend of our group where heading towards our position was lost. Heinrich and I decided to quickly fly to their last known position, we both could see it from miles away and be both where shocked, the other helicopter had crashed and was blown up. Heinrich and I looked for a sign of life and we got a look onto peters body, at least what was left of him. I jumped out bringing Peters still heavily breathing body away from the burning and smoking wreck. I tried my best to fix him up but most of his skin had blisters from the heat and his right leg bone had an open fracture but he was still alive. I did my best to ease his pain that he must have been in but he could not tell because he was still past out. My brother weights about 90 kilos; I can’t really remember feeling that much weight as I lifted his body and dropped him next to the pilot seat. Heinrich helped me by dragging him while I pushed.

As Homestone came into view Peter began to grumble, I firstly took it as a good sign that he maybe will get his senses back, it was Heinrich that immediately know what was going on. He shouted at me: “DOC WHAT THE HELL!!! HES TURNING DO SOMETHING!!! My Brain stopped thinking about that time and all I did after that seems when I remember back like I was a robot doing for what he’s programmed. I still can’t believe what happened than and when I recall all this feels unreal and as like in a movie. I took some antibiotics out of my bags climbed inside the heli to Pete on the front and tossed them inside his mouth rubbing his throat to make his senseless muscles swallow, he still mourned in a deep voice. I got back to my seat for some painkillers and maybe more morphine so that he would stay asleep, but as I searched for them inside my back bag Heinrich cried out. As I turned my head I saw Peter hanging in the safety belts trying to reach like one of them for Heinrich who had got grasp of his gun and began to shoot at Peter. I could not respond and was just sitting there looking in my brother’s weird facial expression, pain fills my heart every time I think of if….. The Pistol was empty and Heinrich got rid of the safety belts that where holding him back, next thing I saw was him jumping out the still flying helicopter right above Homestone. He must have told me something like: „JUMP” but I was still sitting there watching my brother now facing me with cold dead eyes only searching for fresh meat. I was shocked and instantly aware that this was not my beloved brother. In that shock-moment I jumped out the heli maybe not much more than about 10 to 15 meters above ground. I felt into a pine-tree that absorbed most of the velocity while I was desperately grabbing and tumbling it down, so I managed to get on the ground only with some scars, bumps and bruises. I ran to the crash in hope I still could help Peter but all that was left of the chopper was fallen frontal from the sky slamming into the ground. The cockpit where peter has sat was not even there or compressed to an inch thick layer of smoking and burning plastic and electronic parts.

I always was curios what happens when someone is turning, but I never wanted to learn that this way….. I have to focus on work right now or I will go mad, since yesterday I have a strong wish to just end everything. The hordes are calling, and their call gets more attractive as longer as I think about Peter, we even have some ropes, no one would know if I just go and end it right now….. Taking the rifle in my hands and just using it one last time has become more of a wish for eternal peace than just the last escape. I have to recall….. Peter’s immune system seemed to be heavy influenced by the accident, giving me the option to backtrack again to a viral infection, since he was still alive as he began to turn. I still can’t imagine what makes the infected resistant against natural influences but I have to find out, maybe I can find a cure for that disaster but at least it will grant me other thoughts than that about him and about me.

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