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Major Tom


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I'm a fucking liar.

When I first came to Chernarus, I vowed to myself to protect everyone. No matter who. I didn't want any enemies, only allies. I wanted to be the 'hero' in the land. The legendary name that would make you remember not everyone is out to rob your beans. The kind of person people would talk about as an idol, a true hero in the land.

I pictured myself in Elektro, watching a robbery. As the victims are about to be executed, I'd swoop around the corner and pop the bandits in the head. I'd hand over supplies to the victims, and heal them up. I'd say some badass one-liner, then I'd be on my way to continue alone until my next encounter. Disappearing in to the fog...

This didn't happen. I tried, I really did. I started off just breaking in to hospitals to stock up on blood bags and morphine in order to help others. I'd gather food and drink, then bring it all back to the tradepost to share for free. I'd heal everyone I found. I'd hand out supplies whenever I could. I even offered to help people who robbed me, once they took my gun.

I suffered for this. I always had a weak weapon, and I was always forgotten after my kind acts. No one cares about the hero. Good acts go unnoticed when put in the grand scheme of things. I decided to join a group, to avoid being so under prepared for the horrors in the world.

Last night I plotted to kill several men because I disagreed with their views.

A few nights before that I blew up a truck just because I couldn't have it.

Before that, I helped kill two innocents because they simply sympathized with an opposing group.

I'm not who I wanted to be, but I can't change that. I'm trying to, but what's the point? Can't fight myself.

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