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Major Tom

My Balota Buddy

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After a fairly intense gunfight, I found myself in Komarovo. I spawned in to see a man in blue checkered civilian clothing (mythbuster clothes) running along the road near me.

I approach him, and chat. We start to have a nice discussion as we head to Balota to gear up. We were talking about why we were in Chernarus and what we had both been up to. Turns out he was new to this land. He asked me a few OOC questions about the server, and I answered what I knew.

Then, as we approached Balota he asked a question about donation skins. Just as I start to give an answer, my game crashes. I spawn back in and run over to Balota. I grab an AKM and try to find my buddy. I hear shots a little bit further down the airfield. I run towards them, not caring for my life as I cry "WHERE ARE YOU MY BALOTA BUDDY??". My game then crashed again.

I spawned in and walked to Cherno. I never saw my buddy again.

If you're out there man, I'm so sorry for leaving you ;-;

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You will be forever missed, nameless man of the wastes.

You share the story of many, ami, rest well. 3

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