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Guest Pevin

The Journey of Gregory Smith

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Guest Pevin

First, I began the idea of Greg with this backstory:

"Back in the states, you could say I was a casual, slow paced person."

"I lived in a small apartment complex. Nothing fancy, two buildings, side by side, lots of parking space. There were eight different 'spaces' for occupants, each with a living room, small kitchen, and a bedroom. It was live-able. The internet service in the area was perfect, and my weekend trips to the city of Memphis, Tennessee to perform with whatever band hired me. It was only an hour to thirty-minutes drive depending on traffic, and my purple Subaru Legacy Wagon was like driving while sitting in a mattress, so the drive was more than do-able. I ate frosted flakes, and either ramen noodles or occasionally elbow macaroni with cheap spaghetti sauce for lunch and dinner. And after airsoft matches, my friends and I would eat at a local Huddle House and reminisce about our lives and such. It was a fairly simple life."

"My story really started whenever my friend Will told me of his new life in some place called Chernarus. Me and Will had met a few times in the past years, since I was a low-brass musician in the area and he was a trumpet player in the area, we saw each other quite often. About six or so months ago, Will had moved to Chernarus with his girlfriend. Until Will had contacted me and told me about his knew life, I had since forgotten about the guy. Will had become a young american-turned-russian trumpet player with large ambitions and great talent. He told me he had been playing in a local jazz band comprised of him as the lead trumpet and many of the local russian musicians. According to Will, they were actually becoming very popular."

"After chatting with Will over the phone and the internet for a few weeks, he asked me if I was interested in visiting him and possibly playing a few gigs with him, like the good old days. I liked the idea, but it just didn't seem realistic. Eventually, I accepted Will's offer. He made a deal that he would pay for my trip there and back as long as I stayed for a week and played some gigs with him, and I thought, how could one not accept that?"

"I packed my bags and hopped on the first flight to the area. After the very long plane ride, I arrived at the russian airport. There was an odd feel. Everybody seemed worried and suspicious of each other. But I simply shrugged it off and thought "Silly russians are probably worried that the latest shipment of vodka will be late again". Will met me at the airport. He explained that some outbreak had begun. He was very vague and really seemed like he just wanted to get to the safety of his home. We left the airport and headed to a coastal town called Elektrogorsk."

"There were barricades. Checkpoints. Men with large assault rifles were shouting and trying to keep the worried citizens under control. Will went towards his apartment to see if his wife was okay. He left me at a small pub to setup for a gig. I began setting the chairs and stands and other things in the order Will requested. One row of 7 chairs for the saxophones in the front, an open space for the trombones to stand, and a set of special table things for the trumpets to stand on. The drumset was set in the corner, and the bassist, guitarist stood next to the drumset. The piano player was on the opposite side of the band from the rest of the rhythm section. I finished my task, and waited for Will. Before I could phone him, loud bangs of what I believe were assault rifles filled the area around me. I ran. I headed to the shore and began walking, and I have been lost ever since."

Then, I became white-listed. Along my journey, I decided I would begin a journal of Greg's adventures.

Entry #1

It's cold. It began to rain a few minutes ago. I thought it would be a brief sprinkle, but it turned into a violent thunder storm. I am currently writing this while taking shelter in a very small shack. I can hear one of.. those things. He sounds like he is heading the other direction, though.

Entry #2

It is beginning to become dark. I found a.. shotgun? I don't know to much about hunting rifles.. but I think this is a double-barrel gun of some sort. Before I had found this thing, I had actually found this crossbow thing. I used it to eliminate a zombie who had gotten a little to close, which is when I decided it sucked and began looking for something better, then I found this.

Entry #3

I met a person. I was inside the barn where I had found the shotgun when he came in through the other door. He didn't have any sort of weapon, but when we decided to get away from the things that had followed him in we had gone separate ways. I saw him searching a few of the buildings with the crossbow I had left behind earlier, so I guess I helped him out in some way. After that I began to follow the road, and right now I'm sitting down with my back against a tree taking a break from all of the walking. So much walking.

Entry #4

I found another gun. It uses larger shell things, so I assume it is a better weapon. I just left the old double-barreled gun there for another person to find. I think I'll head to the second floor of this building and sleep. It is beginning to become to dark to see well outside, and I'm afraid of using my flashlight with all of those things crawling around.

Entry #5

What an odd find! After I found the other gun, I went and found a whole lot of food. I guess these people were preparing for something. But that isn't the interesting thing. I was passing through what I think was a fire-station when I looked to my left and noticed what I'm pretty sure is an AK-74! It has this interesting sight on it, I think it is some sort of green red-dot sight. Either way, I'm pretty sure nobody is going to try and mess with me now.

Entry #6

So, I think I have stumbled upon and airfield of some sort. I can see some sort of medical-looking tents just past this field. I think I'll go back toward the city and try and retrace my steps to the city Will lived in. Maybe I'll see him eventually. I doubt it though.

Entry #7

I am back at the town where I had found that double-barreled gun. It is extremely dark, and I don't feel like sleeping. I did find a slightly working truck, but it was missing a wheel. Or maybe two wheels, I can't tell with this amount of light.

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