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Whats with the constant kicking?

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So, we finally found a chopper. After spending the best part of about 4 hours fixing it up, and moving the rest of our vehicles to the campsite, we decided to take it for a flight over the borders of the map. About 5 minutes into the flight, I (the pilot) got kicked causing the loss of the chopper and the death of one of our crew members.

Apparently I got some kind of error when I was kicked, but it's been happening to me and others an awful lot and obviously we're quite annoyed that we lost a chopper because of that.

(obligatory wreckage pic)


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What server?

This was on S3, but I usually play on S2 and was getting it there too. It isn't quite as often as it was a few days ago but I guess we just got unlucky with this kick, lol.

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