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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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Calling all African Brothers [Open Freq]

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*He would place down his machete on the table and pick up the radio, pushing the PTT button speaking in an African accent*

Hello people of South Zagoria, I am broadcasting this message to all the African brothers out there

I am calling for you to contact me in hopes that we may join forces

I know of one man of African descent however I do not know his name

Using this information I assume there are more of you out there

Contact me back on this frequency and we can work things out

*He would release the PTT and return to sharpening his blade*

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*Kojo's eyes lit up upon the hearing the radio transmission, he let out a hearty chuckle before turning on his radio*

Eh-Eh Mah Friend, It is glad to hear another Brudda around these days.

I cannot meet with you yet,

But worry not, stay strong,

Our Day Will Come

*Kojo turns off the radio*

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*Awimba would press his ptt*

Ah de one i have been hearing about.. 

I have a preposition for you..

how about you meet wit me an we can talk dem tings out umfowethu, glad to hear anoda african it's been a while since i heard one before..

I am hold up wit a group of people, them saved my life more den twice..

Contact me on dis frequency if you wish to talk..

De black devil is in need of soldjas, there are too many isifebes around..

*Awimba would cock his akm before before he turned the ptt off*



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