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AD LOQUI - [Open Freq/Harrison Foulke]


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*Spending the late evening sorting through and organizing their various findings Annabelle idly checked her wrist watch. Though it no longer ticked with the passage of time, she still felt a urge to hold onto old world habits and often found herself glancing at it's surface. Abruptly, as if the thought struck her like lightening, she realized how late it had grown. Reaching into her pack she withdrew her radio clearing her throat and depressing the PTT.*

Hello? Mr. Foulke, Harrison Foulke, are you perhaps around? 

It's Annabelle Claudette, on behalf of the Cavaliers. We met in Novaya just the other day, I'm sure you do recall.

We attempted to stop by the town for the last day or so, but it seemed your were currently under siege from some sort of disagreement or conflict. And we dubbed it wise not to venture into any current on goings for our safety. 

We'd like to be able to accommodate you at our establishment for a discussion on what you had brought up prior during your last visit, though. I do hope it's of no inconvenience. Perhaps you can bring along Katie, was it? And Rouke? I apologize, their names escape me at this moment.

*A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she muttered, "Mr. Nichols best find the china tea set this time..."*

Regardless, please do let us know the best time for you and we shall prepare.

All the best, and hope to hear from you soon.

*She released the PTT, offering the device a small smile before continuing what she was doing before.*

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The radio would start to buzz as Harrison sat nearby, writing tirelessly. Upon hearing Annabelle's voice, he'd drop his notebook to the side and pick up the radio. He'd listen intently, shaking his head. Once the message concluded, he would sit silently, almost embarrassed at the events of late regarding the town. After a short time, he'd press down the PTT.

"Hello, Annabelle. Nice to hear from you. We were wondering where yourself, Lord Ashford, and the rest of you had gone. Apologies for the state of the town, we had some... internal disagreements that we had to deal with sooner rather than later. Everything should be good, though; you guys should be okay to come back around. I can meet you at your establishment to give you the details. I'll bring along Katie and Rourke, too!"

He'd look at imaginary watch out of habit. He'd shake his head again, realizing just how stupid that habit was.

"How's a few hours from now sound? That should give me enough time to get in touch with Katie and Rourke. Be seeing you, Annabelle!"

He'd release the PTT and quickly go back to scribbling notes.

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*Annabelle patted down the wobbling stack of recently folded slacks as her radio chimed to life from her pocket. Pausing her activities she listened for a moment before moving to respond, her voice dotted with relief and pleasantry.*

Ah! Mr. Foulke, lovely to hear from you again.

I am pleased to know whatever internal situation that occurred has now been dealt with and you are no worse for it. 

I'll be sure to inform my Uncle along with the others that we are to expect you in a few hours, along with Katie and Rourke! 

Do be safe out there, all of you, and on your way over as well of course.

See you soon!

*Releasing the PTT she sat her radio down beside her and continued to work on organizing her lopsided stack of white and black slacks.*

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