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To Zagorians [46.8Hz]


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Harrison would slip into a room and begin to write. For hours he would sit and toil at his desk, sweat forming at the peaks of his brow. As he neared the end of his letter to the Zagorian people - whoever was left - he would look at his radio, and his mouth would begin to salivate. For months, he had been waiting for this moment. He picked up his radio, put his black baseball cap on, and began to transmit on the House's radio frequency - 46.8Hz.

"This is to the citizens of Zagoria that are left.

I am not a man of heroics. I wouldn't call myself a man of honor or virtue, far from it. The House, at it's inception, was made up of people just like me - mercenaries, smugglers, dealers, and everything in between. Our activities got us into deep trouble, up to and including a full-blown war with the Nationalist Front. As the war winded to an end, I realized just how little I had done with the time I had left. That's why Zagoria was created - to do something valuable, build something that lasts. End this perpetual conflict that we all are drowning in here.

But it seems as though some just cannot leave it alone. Alongside us, the New Moon 'assisted' in our efforts - until they put their egos above the people they were sworn to protect. And now, the New Moon have decided to turn, once again, on those who are just trying to finally do what's right.

For months, I have sat idly by, watching the New Moon turn on their countrymen, their brothers. First it was the New Moon and Moody's men, when they betrayed our agreement from the radio tower. Then, the New Moon and the Saviors latched onto the backs of the Nationalist Front, where they willingly watched their countrymen get slaughtered by the dozens while they fought alongside nationalists who wanted people like them to hang. And now, after the war against the Nationalist threat has concluded, the New Moon decided to escalate minor hostilities with lethal action against the Irish, putting dozens of Zagorians at risk.

Let it be known that Declan O'Hare of the Irish requested only an apology for the massacre that New Moon instigated, and Izzak Sirkov, leader of the New Moon, refused to apologize and left the meeting, then turned their rifles on innocent Zagorians only hours later; a preemptive strike against civilians.

These men are terrorists. For too long I have turned a blind eye to their actions, but now I see that they do not act with others in mind - only if it is in their own selfish interests to do so.

From this point on, Izzak Sirkov, Yegor Krasnov, and all other members of New Moon have been pronounced enemies of the Free State of Zagoria. If seen, all Zagorians are to immediately report these men, or any men claiming to be a part of or associated with New Moon. Additionally, all Zagorians should report any suspicious activity to the nearest ZDF patrol.

Thank you for believing in this new state."

He'd release the PTT.

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*John scratches his head, wondering what in fuck Mr. Potato-head is on about this time, he picks up the radio and hits the PTT*

"This is such a beautiful tale, brav-fucking-o my dear friend. Its as if you have no filter for the bullshit that comes outa your mouth."

"You cry and cry about people dying, people getting slaughtered. Yet you are the reason they die...Is this not what you want? War? Bloodshed?"

"No one will remain in your state for long. It will be a graveyard within the week."

*John pauses remembering the guerrilla tactics he used earlier to cause chaos in Noveya*

"You want a war, but you have no idea how to fight one. You call us terrorists but I doubt you truly even know the meaning of that word. But fear not I will once again educate you on your stupidity, a terrorist is someone who uses fear in hopes of making political gains."

"And I assure you, I am not trying to make any political gains, just simply destroying your attempts at making a new slave state."

*John releases the PTT*

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  • Emerald

*Charles flicks his cigarette into a bush as his radio crackles to life. He squints, following a toothy grin as New Moon is bashed. He tucks himself into the brush before he responds, softly.*

"What happened wasn't out fault. Not our fault some Irish git shot and wounded one of our boys because he doesn't got any trigger control. Injuring one of our men takes two others out as well, as now we've got to nurse his ass back to health. We technically did a good trade off, there. Nothing was violated, quit lying to your people. We were trying to be the most diplomatic of them all, I hate fighting especially.

The fact that you are calling for a war- which will not only strain your own people, but your resources alone says much for you as a leader. Drop the charade and just leave us alone."

*He tucks his radio back into his vest and pulls out his binoculars while overlooking Novaya Petrovka.* 

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*Will would be getting bandaged up by Sergei and would be messing around on his radio. He would press the PTT*

Ya know I had every intention of coming to town and even trying to buy a house, thank god Izaak and his boys warned me about everything. I thought it was weird that I was in Chenarus as an American, but an entire group of Irish guys? Shit's weird as fuck.

*He would wince in pain as Sergei would finish the bandage*

Anyway, thanks for showing your true colors before I made a mistake.

*He would release his PTT*

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*Jimmy confused, presses the PTT*

"If you say you won't attack the settlement, why did you attack it today? Why did you shoot at my house, and almost kill my fuckin girl?"

*Jimmy sighs tossing his radio aside releasing the PTT*

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** Toan seated himself by a crackling fire ring within the school, lifting the radio up to his lips with the PTT pressed down. **

"We should let cooler heads prevail, guys. I thought this settlement was for everybody who wanted a bit of normalcy returned in our lives. It was the only reason I came. I'm not influential, I'm just a small fry resident. But let's atleast try and give diplomacy a chance to protect what little stability there is left."

** He would let the button go as he released a light sigh, depressing it again to tack on the empty silence. **

"I don't want to see massacres, tribalism, or enslavement anymore. It's been a year of this shit, we're better than this, guys. All of ya'll are better than this."

** The radio would rest on his boot, only to bury his face into his hands in despair. **

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  • Emerald

*Yegor would press the PTT*

I should have seen this one coming, sadly it had become quite evident over the past few days that so early on in our new nations creation how corrupted it was becoming due to the influence of these Irish scum.

We have been ousted from a nation that we helped create and even proposed to the House in the first place, it is clear now that the current government of the Free State Of Zagoria are nothing more than a puppet to these Irish Terrorist Heathens.

Let it be known that under the rule of these false heads of state that the Free State is no longer free, but another slave state ruled by a tyrannical government puppeteered by Irishman who will do as they please to the civilians living there and attempt to wipe out all who oppose them in ideology, Novaya is not a safe place as that Irish Snake would put it, it is instead a place where your only option is to be a subject to the Irish Terrorists and their policies.

I urge all citizens of the former Free State to evacuate as soon as possible until the city is retaken from these pretenders, until then the city of Novaya and all places under Irish and House control are no longer safe territory.

And finally i say this to Harrison, it is sad to see a man who once fought with such vigor to see through the goal of a free state for all, be put on a leash and become a simple puppet of a band of Irish Thugs who wish nothing more than to use you and the people of Novaya as a means to profit themselves, i did not ask for this war nor did i want to participate in it, but the Irish stepped to far and this Coup is truly the straw that broke the camels back, and sadly i fear that you will not recognize your mistake until the Irish have already plunged their dagger into the heart of both you and your men.

I truly hope you see will see the error of your ways and good luck in the days to come.

*Releases the PTT*


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  • Diamond

*Radio turns on*
Yegor you scream ''Beat this nigga ass'' and started dumb fistfights then lose with your whole security force.
Your man shoots at us like an ape and gets shot for it, you then decide it's in your best interest to walk up to our men and fill them with led.
You were a puppet of the House and now that they see you as a loose cannon you scream like a child about how unfair it is.
You claim it was us yet you were the main cause for conflict... Please pipe down you angry Russian chav.
*Radio goes silent*


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*Ryan pushes the PTT*

We tried for peace and you want war? to build something that lasts? WE TRIED TO GET THAT, WE TRIED TO HELP... We gave you a taste of what a mere FIVE men from The Savior's can do. You tried to create a city of slaves, now you have about a week until your eviction. I hate to tell you, but this war isn't in your favour, if that's what you guys are made of.

*Gun clinks in background*

And also, you all have no idea what kinda hurt we can cause.

*Throws radio off wall*

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* JC presses the PTT and puts on a fake accent before speaking to disguise his voice *

I have encountered these Irish men a few time in Novaya Petrovka, all they want to do is dictate the civilians and profit of death. I guess we will see how long this Free State lasts before it turns into a Grishino massacre. They are no better than them Kamenici fuckers.

* JC releases the PTT ripping the battery out of his battered radio before chucking it to the floor and walking off *

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