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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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these shitty slavic cars


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*Keith is sitting in the drivers seat of his sedan just outside of Novaya. He's cranking the ignition over and over and cant get the engine to turn. He picks up the radio angrily and presses the PTT*

"Hey,....uhh, I need a fuckin mechanic. Any of you fuckers know how to fix these god damn rust buckets? This shit wont start."

*You hear the sound of an engine starting to crank but failing*

"Yall motherfuckers really shoulda imported Fords or some shi...."

*you hear a cellphone start to ring in the background*

"wha.....what the fuck? who's phone is this? where did this co..OH WHAT THE FU"

*The sound of a huge explosion rings out before the radio goes dead*

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