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Rain, and wet clothes dynamic... How does it work?


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Been playing for a while now, and one thing I have noticed is: It sure rains... A LOT!

I have noticed that the rain-coat no longer provides all out protection from the rain, as I get wet and cold also when wearing this.
No biggie, as I always felt staying completely dry just by wearing a raincoat was a bit OP. A full out rain gear maybe, but not just a raincoat.
Also the other clothing gets wet outside, but as soon as I enter a house, the clothes seem fine as in dry, but all the contents in the pockets are drenched.
But then, the minute I step outside in the rain again, even after sitting in front of a fire to heat / dry up, my charakter starts making shivering noises.

Don't get me wrong. The sound effect is pretty cool, but I am trying to wrap my head around how this rain / clothing / freezing logic is supposed to work... 
Is this just a case of badly balanced effects atm? It just don't seem to make sense right now...


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//Moved to questions.

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So currently the wet/cold system is broken to a degree. Where before most clothing has a absorption level ( the rate a piece of clothing would take in water ) thus giving some clothing a level of water proofing and resistance ( like raincoats and Gorka gear ). However that does not seem to exists in the current build of the game. Water soaks clothing and everything within pretty much, with items inside staying wet/damp longer even after clothing has been dried.

That being said, tempature has little affect on player health. The player thermometer will turn blue and the character will make noise about it, but you will not lose health over it. 

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