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S1: RDM outside of Severograd - 11/18/18 12:09

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Server and location: S1 outside Severograde

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11/18/18 12:09 EST

Your in game name: Jorsan Dechlar

Names of allies involved: Richard Diesel

Name of suspect/s: Members of the house possibly

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): I was in a vehicle

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: My friend and I were driving outside of Severograde heading west and then a group of people run down the hill we continue. As we pass one raises his gun and opens fire.He kills me and destroys our car. 

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Hit Logs:

Jorsan Dechlar

[2018/11/18 05:00:34]: (Jorsan Dechlar) hit by (Brandon Young) to  with Bullet_762x39
[2018/11/18 05:00:34]: (Jorsan Dechlar) hit by (Brandon Young) to Torso with Bullet_762x39

Richard Diesel

[2018/11/18 05:00:38]: (Richard Diesel) hit by (Ricardo Garcia) to LeftLeg with Bullet_762x39

[2018/11/18 05:10:52]: (Richard Diesel) hit by (Jayden Renolds) to LeftArm with MeleeFist

Kill Logs:

[2018/11/18 05:00:34]: (Jorsan Dechlar) killed by (Brandon Young)

Connection Logs:

03:21:18 : Player #66 Brandon Young connected
No disconnect logs.
04:29:57 : Player #162 Jayden Renolds connected
09:19:24 : Player #104 Jayden Renolds disconnected
02:48:26 : Player #67 Ricardo Garcia connected
No disconnect logs.

Calling in @Brandonyoung, @Puncture & @Scar to post their POVs. 

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Ricardo Garcia: We see a car driving towards Novaya and decide we are going to initiate, we all drop text initiations and the car continued to drive so we opened fire, we killed the passenger and the driver spun out of control.

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Brandon Young: We see a car driving towards us. We decide to initiate and drop text bombs. The car continued to drive so we open fired. Car gets spun out and I see that the passenger is dead. 

Edit: No video evidence. Forgot to mention that sorry.

Edited by Brandonyoung

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Jayden Renolds POV

I wasn't apart of the initiation on the vehicle, I rped with the hostage a little bit then ended up releasing him. 

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A team of staff members have reviewed this report and have decided to close it on request.

We would like to make it clear however, that in a case where a car is clearly initiated on with both VOIP and text, your safety is held against you if you decide to flee, and posting a report will likely have no effect. We cannot vouch for what happened in this exact situation but if it played out in the way the POVs describe it there would be no grounds for punishment against the accused. Regardless, we recommend you take precautions in game to both value your life and ensure any initiation you make is clear in its intent. Thanks.

/Report Closed

Signed by @DrMax and @lukaszxe.

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