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Guns not reloading

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im having on issues with some of the guns in this game, so far the AKM and the scorpion, the magazine seems to be stuck in the gun, like i can see it in the gun, but when i examine it, it shows theres no mag in the gun when i can clearly see it, i cant reload the gun to put in a new mag, but im able to put in a single bullet as if there was no mag in the gun, so please fix this


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  • Sapphire

It's a bug that happens when people try to reload while NOT holding the weapon in their hands. It happens, you gotta ditch it as it's no workaround has been found.

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  • Sapphire

@Babyboy , basically what @Shortround said. Also seem's like the MP5, if it spawns with a mag, it's permanently stuck. I've never been able to remove it, personally.

We'll have to wait for the DayZ Devs to work around that.


Best regards,

- DayZRP Staff, XieAngel

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  • Sapphire

I found that if you place a mag on the ground, you can replace the one in your weapon with the one on the ground. So unfortunately whenever you need to reload you have to kneel and reload with a mag on the groun but I got that to work with my AK with a drum mag.

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