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  • Sapphire

In which reference are you talking about mapping?

Terrain Making or Mission Making?

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I'm honestly really worried that adding new bits to the map will lead to really nasty bugs. DayZ has a history of new locations being buggy and occasionally lethal (a new room added into Admin buildings made them a death trap). Maybe when the game is more stable but, in its current state, I don't really like the idea.

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If it works anything like terrain editing in ArmA 3 it's usually a bit messy to try and modify the original terrains since they're often encrypted etc. and creating new terrains on the scale and detail of chernarus is very... very... very time consuming (I've spent many months doing this for ArmA 2). But if it's possible to edit the original terrain I'm sure pretty cool things could be done settlement-wise etc.

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