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Guest Templar_Hector

Topos: Chernarus Outbreak

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Guest Templar_Hector

Name: Hector Villanueva

Age: 28

Height: 180

Weight: 70

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Topos Member Medic/Gunman

Backstory: You know one's profession can change in seconds one day you are rescuing people from Natural Disasters or Biochemical Disasters The next... Trying to survive flesh eating Zombies.

I was at the HQ when I first heard of the outbreak on Chernarus. Me and my friend Felipe Cueva wanted to help right away but our commander would not let us go. We where very sad not to be able to help those people all we could was wait... Days of training and training I could not take it anymore so what I did is pressure the Commander to let us go me and Felipe. I finally convince him but he said this would be a Secret Mission and no one could learn about it. My main practice was Medic but i took a few weeks of training to learn how to use a rifle.When I finished my training with Felipe we got on board an airplane with medical supplies and weapons. We where already entering the airspace of Chernarus when an Engine fail was upon us. We had to jump using parachutes we saw how the airplane crashed into a building then strong winds took us into different directions we where falling you see the Parachutes didn't work all that great, I fell very hard and blackout... Now we must find each other...

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