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[Open Freq]: Anyone copy?

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**Toan looked down at the wet floor of the garden shed as the storm brewed up, having a small fire in a slashed barrel to keep him warm. He lifts the transceiver to his lips as he pressed into the PTT**

"Anybody out there? I've been wanderin' around for quite some time by myself, I don't have anywhere else to go. I've been looking for a settlement, but I've found none and I'm running low on food. Anyone willing to trade and give me the run down of what's going on, I'd be grateful."

**His thumb would release from the button, letting his eyes gaze back on up towards the blocked doorway with a slight shiver as he curled his arms up across his chest, his shotgun resting in his lap, rocking back and forth to keep the blood flowing.**

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  • Sapphire

** Nikolai takes shelter from the rain and grabs the radio from his backpack. He holds down the PTT, a Chernarussian accent can be heard **

" Don't bother with settlements, stick to yourself. That way, only you can get yourself killed, ano? Live off the land with livestock, eat edible tree bark, boil your own water. If you are insistent on being betrayed, killed or worse, Chernogorsk and Grish. Good luck, I guess ... "

** He releases the PTT and cracks open a can of beans **

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** His eyelids fluttered open as the radio sparkled to life. Upon finishing, he'd reached up for the handheld device to press down on the PTT with him simply responding into the microphone. **

"Roger that."

** The Mid-Western sounding man released the button again with a quiet shiver, bundling himself up more as he drifted on back to sleep. **

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** Sergei looks up from the table after hearing the chatter over the radio **

** He picks it up and presses the PTT and speaks with chernarussian accent*

"Hey random man on frequency, have you heard the northwest has been liberated from nationalist scum? Many big name groups have banded together to form a democracy. Our borders begin west of Severograd, north of Bashnya, and further north from Lopatino. Most reside in Novaya Petrovka and others don't like so much publicity and settle further north. Come up sometime and see what this is all about, we need defenders. You can call me Sasquatch, I don't give name on open frequency."

** Sergei releases the PTT **

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  • Legend

*Liam picks up the radio after hearing a familiar voice from a long time ago.. he presses the PTT*

"Hey, it's Liam. Not sure if you remember me from the village we stayed at. I'm a friend of Dr Capella. Well, I haven't got much of a settlement at the moment but its.. well.. something. If you want to meet up just use the old frequency we use to have. I'll be listening just in case. Stay safe out, there's a storm coming..* 

*He releases the PTT as the rain hammers down on his house as he places the radio down*

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** Toan's head had lifted up at the calling, long after the storm had stopped to which he would place in his response. **

"I hear you, Liam. I'll keep an eye out for you the next time I'm in the area. Hope everybody's alright, thanks again."

** His thumb slid off the PTT, stepping out of the doorway of the clear sunlight as he departed. **

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