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Guest Blake5th

Mission Chernarus. Topos(Feed Back Plz)

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Guest Blake5th

Name: Felipe Cueva

Age: 31

Height: 185cm

Weight: 75kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Topos Memeber Medic/Pilot (Professional Mexican Rescue Team Emergency Medical, Safety and Rescue Technicians)

Demeanor in Three Words: Helpful, Loyal and Rescue.

Back Story:

As a kid I always knew what I wanted to be, I wanted to be part of the Topos. When I started to grow up I learn lots of stuff about the Topos. As I was still in school I decided I will be a medic of the Topos, so I got into medicine school and I became a doctor. I graduated early because I had lots of practice. When I was In my mid 20 I applied to join the Topos, I had to go threw a lot of tests to get involved. I passed all the test with ease. After the test began my training, We had to run 10 miles everyday, and we had to learn all the techniques to get people out of debris, It will have been extremely boring if it wasn't from a friend I met, Hector Villanueva. We learnt each day new things, my pal and I wer always having fun, and smiling. Finally when we finished out training we went to our first mission, an earthquake in Mexico city.

We went on a plane to Mexico, it took us 4 hours to get there, when we were flying over it we jumped in parachutes because the airport had been destroyed. When start to see only destroyed building, it was a sad situation, but we couldn't let the feeling get into us we instantly got into saving people. Everywhere we looked people needed help, we saved almost everyone except this little girl who had just no chance of surviving, she was under so much scrums we had to let her there, I will never forget her last words "I know I am going to die, Its not you fault."

Years after we had lots of mission everywhere on the planet. But then it happened, we were on our HQ when we got an SOS call from Chernarus there had been a chemical outbreak, and people began to change into animals that eat flesh. As soon as we heard this we begun to get supplies so we can send them, me and Villanueva were chosen to get the supplies to them, I was the pilot and he was my copilot, as we were flying over the city we begun to see the Zombies, they were so many, so many life lost. Then our plane begun to get out of control, an engine had failed, we couldn't do anything to fix it. We had to jump, jump and lose everything. As we jumped we saw out plane hit an building and explode. Our parachutes had deployed but not worked as they should, I hit the ground hard and I blacked-out.


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Guest Blake5th

Feed Back Pleas :D

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