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[91.6 Hz] Emmi?


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* Jiri fiddles with the bandage around his right hand, looking at his bratri beating each other up in a barn close by. He wipes his nose with the back of his hand before he holds the ptt button on his radio and starts to talk*

*you are able to hear a young-adult male voice with a chernarussian accent* 

Emmi?  It's Jiri. 

*silence for a few seconds*

... I mean ... I checked our spots and you weren't around.

Where are you?

Are you okay?

I'm sure you just hang around somewhere else.

*He clears his throat*

... give me a fucking sign of life.

*He stares at his radio waiting for a responds for a while before he slightly shakes is head and walks back to the other members of Cerna Liska*

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*Jiri drags on his cigarettes with a pained expression on his face as he touches his swollen and bruised lip by accident. He clears his throat before he talks into the radio*

You wanted to know them, žena. Circumstances were not best yesterday.

I need to be there for my bratri.

My fault.

Take care of yourself. I'll talk to you soon. We'll find the Russian.

*He slides the radio into the back pocket of his pants and grabs an old sports bag from the ground in front of him before he starts to walk towards Stary Sobor*

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*Emmi looks at her radio, shaking her head while kicking a stone on the street.

She exhales loudly before talking into her radio*


"Yeah yeah", she says with an annoyed, sarcastic tone of voice.

"You need to be there for your family... I get it Jiri... I really do"

"My fault..." she pauses a second.

"For thinking the time we spent together... what we have been through, meant something"

"My fault"

"Take care of yourself. I find the russian myself"


She searches through her pockets while looking around, popping three pills into her mouth.

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*Jiri glances at his radio as he hears Emmi's voice being transmitted. He holds the ptt button to answer*

What the fuck, Emmi? 

Some of my brothers were shot and are injured. I need to help out. 

Me and the bratri will help you finding those guys who robbed you. It was decided and Jitka said you are to be tolerated. 

Be thankful,  we'll help you out.

Stop acting like a píca.

*He shakes his head and curses quietly in chernarussian as he keeps walking*

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*Emmi takes her radio into her hand. Now, a few hours after Jiri talked to her, she responds. She speaks slowly, her speech sounds kinda tired and slurred*


"I am sorry Jiri... i am really really sorry, you know... family aaaaaaalways comes first... i know... i know", she pauses.

"You know... I get it... take care of your brot... brothers... I am absolutely fine, I swear", she giggles.

"See you soon darling", she giggles again.


*Emmi places the radio next to her, a smile on her face as she stores some sort of powder into her left shoe*

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*A day after, Jiri looks at dead body in a shed before he grabs his radio , walking a few meters behind after Vania and Arno. He holds the button on his radio to transmit*

You sober again, píca?

Did you see the Russian asshole again? Did you kill him yet? 

I went to Gorka , no one there. We need to meet and you tell me how he looks, so i can tell it to the bratri.

Where do you hangout, let me know.

*He stops the transmission and runs after the others*



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*Emmi hears the message and throws the bottle in her hand against a wall, cursing quietly in her mothertongue. She takes a deep breath, trying to speak clearly. Her voice still seems tired and slurred.*

"Jiri... nice to hear from you... ", she laughs sarcastically followed by some coughing.

"I did not see the russian idiot again... and he ran away from Gorka as I said now many times to your brothers... your family", she pauses for a good twenty minutes before she talks again, more quietly.

"Just let it be Jiri... we both know I am on my own now... but its warm... everything is warm now", she keeps on talking, more rambling.

"I might be on my own, but I am not alone... you know... fuck me... was I wrong. You want to know where I hang around?... Let's see...", she pauses for a second before talking more to herself, still talking into the radio "I think... I think I am near Novy... yeah... a nice house.... safe... cosy... yeah... all I need...", the more she talks, the more her voice slows down, getting more slurred till the transmission ended mid sentences.

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