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Story of Nick

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Hello, I'm Nick Schmidt and this is my story.

I was send to this horrible place by my boss, i am a journalist, my boss said i could make the best story ever and that it would reach the front page for weeks, he also would pay me double and i could really use that money now in time of this economic crisis. So Alright me and a news crew left my home country (Holland) to this island Chernogorsk. So when we got there, we were dropped with a van and had to find our own way from there.

Luckily we had a GPS or we would have been long lost, we were told that there was a trade-post around this town called Berezino. We were travelling there as it was the best way to interview someone on this zombie event. As we were driving in Berezino we saw the first zombies on this trip, we didnt know how dangerous it was yet. So our camerman went out to film the zombies. And the zombies came running up to him,

one grabbed him in his hand, he started screaming. I thought, 'Oh noo... don't die!' In the moment i thought he would die, some militarry jets fly over, and dropped their bombs somewhere! The zombies instantly left our cameramen, and ran to the explosions! We didn’t know why the jets bombed that place, but we would soon find out.

As the cameraman came back into the van, we quickly left Berezino and went to the Tradingpost,

But when we got there we saw what the jets bombed… The outpost was all blown up and there was nothing left to.. interview.. But we didn’t have time to think about it, as a horde of zombies were approaching. We quickly left this place, and were driving off.

-------------------------------1 Week later------------------------

We were driving in our news van, we were driving through this town called Solni.. Solichn Solich.. those damn Russian names.... But Alright some zombies blocked the road, and we had to 'manually' move them, i went out with my gun and shot a few of them, but then more zombies appeared and they were with far to many, i quickly ran back into our van, we tried turning around but we were boxed in. Shortly our van was entirely surrounded with zombies, this was the most scariest moment of my life, and it will get even worse.. the zombies broke a window, and one of them was halfway in, he bit the Cameramen in the neck, and pulled him outside of the van through the glass. While the zombies were busy on him our driver tried to get us the hell out of there, but they broke another window and pulled him out too. I was the only one left, i was praying to god to help me, and in that moment i heard some kind of military vehicle approaching and started to shoot the damn zombies with some BIG machine gun. They saved me out of the van and put me inside of the military vehicle, i was thanking them for saving my life, and they said we do this every day, and i thought every day.. EVERY day.. how can they live in such madness.. what have i gotten myself into...

The people in this military vehicle brought me to this old military base. They said to me they were the remains of the Chernogorsk defense force or something. And as we wering driving into this base, I saw lots of tents, were people had made their living under military protection. So as I arrived I looked at all the people, but I recognized no one. So I saw they had put a new currency in place the ‘Cooked meaty money’ . I knew I still had some meat in my survival backpack, so I took it out of there and walked to a friendly looking merchant, he said to me: “Hello, Comrade best prices here!” So I said: “Well that’s exactly what I need!’’ and I bought some ammo for my pistol, a crossbow with arrows and a hunting knife, Luckily my father learned me how to hunt, because I wouldn’t survive without meaty money or food

So I left the military base to go hunting. I traveled through the forest, and I was thinking back of home, ‘did my home also get overrun by zombies..?’. As I was thinking this I saw a goat, he hadn’t seen me yet, but I had seen him. I took out my crossbow loaded the arrow, and I shot, and the goat went down. I went sneaking up to him with my hunting knife ready, and I gutted him open, and took all that meaty money.

I saw a town… I must have taken the wrong way back to base! But oh well, we can at least loot the town for some loot. I was sneaking into town, and went into one of the buildings. In this building I found some beans, and a tent, when I found this I thought: “He he, my new little home tent”. Then I went outside as I saw a supermarket, I walked into it. I found some more beans and thought: “Beans, beans, and Frank and beans”. I found a map, a compass and a watch. When I looked at this map I saw that the military base was marked on the map! “Oh no.. I have been travelling the complete wrong way!” I thought. Then a zombie walked in to the supermarket, I was sneaking into the back of the supermarket, luckily he hadn’t seen me. I took the back exit, then I saw something, and I was happy. I saw a bicycle, and I said: “Class one transportation!” I quickly ran over to it and got on it.

I alerted a lot of zombies, who all came running my way, but I didn’t care, I’m cycling away from this town!

As I now had a map, I navigated my way to base. When I got there I got stopped by the military and they said: “Nice found comrade, not everyone has a Humvee like us!” I said: “Yeah, that’s right!” “But I was cycling champion back home!” . Ofcourse I wasn’t . When It got night everyone went into their tents to sleep, Oh that’s nice… I can sleep on the wet floor. I cooked the meat that I had brought, and then I thought: “Hell yeah! I don’t have to sleep on the wet floor, I have a tent!”. I placed this tent next to the others, while the meat was cooking. I got the meat, and went into my tent to sleep.

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