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Movement Cotnrols Frozen After Entering Direct Chat


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  • Titanium

Hey, I've had a few interactions with players now using direct chat where my game proceeds to freeze up in the sense that I'm unable to use any controls except for accessing my inventory.


Was wondering if anyone else using text RP was experiencing a similar issue and if they had figured out some sort of work around or something for it other then just restarting the game completely.  

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  • Sapphire

Hi, this is a known issue. It seemingly gets fixed after restarting the game, but I've also heard that people fix it by bringing up the "." emote wheel.


Best regards,

DayZRP Staff, XieAngel

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  • Titanium

Hey thank you I just tested this now, and that worked for me at least once, hopefully it continues to do so, I really appreciate the help!  Thank you!!

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