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Why was the age requirement removed from the community?


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  • Sapphire

"Why was the age requirement removed from the community?"

It's a genuine question. I am curious to what lead the high-ranking staff team, to come to the decision of this.

I personally disagree with it. But I am a bit bias on the topic as I prefer to play with adults only, for various reasons which I won't state right away unless it turns into a debatable topic of discussion.

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  • Diamond


We no longer have an age requirement due to legal issues.

As talked about in this thread here. It is stated multiple times, that we just aren't able to do it anymore. We instead rely on reports from users about immature people. This is the best we can do at this time.


Thank you,


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The age restriction is a tricky one IMO. On one hand I feel like everyone deserves a chance and if they fuck it that's on them. But then I also feel like the majority of the younger people come in and start acting immaturely. (This is coming from a 17Y old). I'd say personally to age an age restriction of 16 I think that's what it was previously? 

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  • Sapphire

Okay, I will read into the topic. I hadn't seen it before until now. I just find it odd that a game like DayZ being from the Arma franchaise, is a rated M (17+) video game. It should be treated as such if the community would like to keep an appropriate selection of player base, to maintain integrity of it's values.

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  • Sapphire

I know that sounded cheesy but It's how I feel about it. I want to play in a mature community and throwing kids into the mix won't be quite the same. It will be a whole different vibe. I admire the white-list and extensive vetting process this community has, it's a damn shame there's legality of personal information and lack of resource issues.

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  • Sapphire

There are many mature people in this community, some older, some younger. Age isn't the only factor that determines it. If you find someone breaking rules, acting immaturely, being provocative or actively harassing you (all of which are the same thing, really), you are not only allowed but also encouraged to report them.

It will however remain this way. I encourage you to try and find the silver lining in it.

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  • Sapphire

This had me in tears...  ??? Rollie can be a funny fucker...


Just now, XieAngel said:


Will do. Thanks.


11 minutes ago, RandyRP said:


Thanks for the response.

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