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Caraham - Power Gaming & BadRP - 5 Days


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: Calling a violation of rule 3.6 is incorrect

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: After carefully reading the warning, I agree that BadRP was a contributing part of that situation, i accept all responsibility for that. However, the power gaming rulebreak was not fair. In the current state of the game, Human steak does not cause any adverse effect on the person eating it. The effect, when working, is permanent and leads to death, could basically be considered RDM. Calling rule 3.6 is not correct because we did not force an action or belief on another player beyond game mechanics, we simply fed him human meat, which again, has no adverse effect at the current time.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A reduction in ban time by 3 days and reduce the number of warning points I have recieved to 5, an addition to rule 3.6 that specifically states whether or not if a current game mechanic is working is relevent and a recognition that I do genuinely take responsibility for the other rule(s) that I have broken.

What could you have done better?: Remember that rule 4.7 specifically mentions protection from zombies, at the time i felt that whilst we were using zombies as a method of torture, there was never a credible threat to the hostage's life. Perhaps also consider the fact that rule 3.6 may have been broken in spirit, even if I still believe that in its current form and in the context of our actions,  that the calling of that rule is not relevent in my current situation.

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Hello @Caraham,

A different team has looked over your Appeal and come to the following conclusion regarding it.

Whether or not you believe it to be not Powergaming when force feeding another player Human Meat solely because the mechanic is not yet in the game is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is you forced a state upon the player without their OOC permission, as you knew the meat was indeed human. This would force this player to take this action as canon.

Our rules state, 

  • 3.6 You are not allowed to force an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow, unless the action is specifically allowed by the other player. This is called power gaming.

In forcing this player to consume human meat you forced a In Character roleplay condition upon the player without their OOC Consent. Since Human Meat currently does not have a mechanic of negative impact just yet, you powergamed this player to having consumed human flesh.

In the future, ask Out Of Character first before force feeding another player content that would be taken as a Role Play item. If you wished to force feed them the item, you simply could of emoted;

*Attempts to feed you human meat.* //do I succeed?

Then when the player said //yes you could proceed to actually feeding them. This would allow for the player to reject or accept your method without you forcefully feeding them. If they rejected and emoted *struggles and spits out the meat.* //no you could proceed to other methods of reprimand for their rejection.

Secondly you, I assume, are also appealing the fact that you allowed infected into the enclosed area to "torture" the player. When a player is in your care as a hostage you must take every measure to ensure their safety. This includes from Infected, and other outside variants that may contribute to their demise. If you wish to use infected as a torture method upon another player you should ask OOC if it is alright with that player for you to perform such a action. We don't wish to hinder roleplay but we want to make sure all parties involved agree and enjoy the experience while adhering to our rules.

I understand that engaging in hostilities is a tricky procedure for relatively new players and I suggest you link up with current active and senior Roleplayers who are experienced in HostileRP to learn how to properly roleplay out those situations. 

/Appeal Deanied, Points and Ban Remain. 

solved by myself with notes

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