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Hi guys, I've been reading regarding this issue and yesterday night I tried switching to 0.62 and then back to no betas but nothing happened, still getting the message. My question (probably very stupid) is: since when this part of the "how to join" section is needed? it was not this way in experimental, right?

In order to play on DayZRP you will need our mod files that change some aspects of gameplay and add new features. The easiest and quickest way to do that is by subscribing to our mod on the Steam workshop and letting the DayZ Launcher update it. Head over to our Steam Workshop page and subscribe to the mod, then run the DayZ Launcher and it will download the mod for you.


Before launching the game you need to make sure that the DayZRP Mod is enabled, you can do so by going to "Mods" and checking if the DayZRP Mod is under "Loaded mods" and the box is checked. You will also have to set your character name by going to "Parameters", checking the "Profile Name" box and entering your character name. This has to be the EXACT same name as your active character's name on the character page.



After you've done all that you simply hit the "Play" button at the bottom left of the launcher, this should start up DayZ with the mods loaded. From here you'll have to go to the server browser, go the "Community servers" tab and search for "DayZRP.com".


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Follow this guide mate

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9 hours ago, casavillam said:

Thank you very much @Falk!!! I'll do tonight

It should work after you follow the steps, Good Luck ? 

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