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Tents and barrels persistency


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Hello, this week I placed a tent and barrel inside a forest, but both disapeared. I lost all my stuff that I had stored there too. 

Since I can't tell if someone robbed me or the problem is related to the way the game works, would be great to know how the persistency is working in the server.




*The tent was placed and 3 days after with no interaction it was gone.

*The barrel was gone in the next day. 

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  • MVP

I think barrels and tents de-spawn if they're not interacted with for 48 hours, I'm not sure about this though.

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  • Diamond

I have the feeling that sometimes stuff just despawns by itself. I've had two barrels literally packed with stuff vanish into thin air in 2 days (I interacted with them almost daily). Find it hard to believe that someone found them since they were hidden quite well. And unless it was a very, very large group of people they couldn't have possibly grabbed all of the content of the barrels + the barrels themselves and just carried them away, they would've left a trace for sure.

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Can confirm if supplies are not touched in a tent etc for over 72 hours they de-spawn 

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