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BadRP/FailRP 12. November 2018 20:30 Server Time

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Server and location: S1 close to Vybor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): around 20:30 Server time

Your in game name: Peter Weiniger

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: they called themselfs FCF (?) didn't understand clearly

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): following soon

Detailed description of the events: Peter was on his farm close to Vybor setting up a camp fire as suddenly a Group of 4 or 5 unknown People arrived. I was Looking into their direction to say hello as they instantly initiated on me. There was no RP before that happened. I didn't act hostile and tried to interact with them as good as possible. I had 3 Zombies in my house Held up as my Family. They then decided to force me into the house where the Zombies are. Still had no clue why they doing that. Before I went into the room one of them entered and killed the Zombies. I continued my RP and played the sad old man. They tied me up and took my backpack and my shotgun which was holstered all the time. 
They asked me a few Questions if I know any russians and I said no. It seems that they wanted to find out Things About a Group named Cherna Liska which interacted with my character yesterday. Later on one of them suddenly started forcefeeding me animal guts which would cause my character to suffer from infections if the mechanic would still be in the game. There was no good reason for doing this and in combination with the dry hostile RP they did I decide to bring up this report. The end of the Story was that they told me to spread out their Name to the cherna liska if I see them again. Got knocked out at the end and they left.

I am Ready to talk About that on TS if the persons would like to.

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Hit logs:

Peter Weiniger

[2018/11/12 20:18:28]: (Peter Weiniger) hit by (Phillip Hansen) to Head with MeleeBrassKnuckles
[2018/11/12 20:18:33]: (Peter Weiniger) hit by (Phillip Hansen) to Head with MeleeBrassKnuckles
[2018/11/12 20:18:34]: (Peter Weiniger) hit by (Phillip Hansen) to LeftArm with MeleeBrassKnuckles
[2018/11/12 20:18:34]: (Peter Weiniger) hit by (Phillip Hansen) to Head with MeleeBrassKnuckles
[2018/11/12 20:18:35]: (Peter Weiniger) hit by (Phillip Hansen) to Torso with MeleeBrassKnuckles
[2018/11/12 20:18:36]: (Peter Weiniger) hit by (Phillip Hansen) to  with MeleeBrassKnuckles


Kill logs:



Connection logs:

18:58:07 : Peter Weiniger connected
20:26:59 : Peter Weiniger disconnected

20:03:27 : Phillip Hansen connected
20:38:26 : -Server crash-
20:39:54 : Phillip Hansen connected
20:50:54 : Phillip Hansen disconnected

19:00:07 : Ritchie Grimes connected
20:28:02 : Ritchie Grimes disconnected
20:34:42 : Ritchie Grimes connected
20:38:26 : -Server crash-
20:41:34 : Ritchie Grimes connected
20:42:48 : -Server crash-
20:45:59 : Ritchie Grimes connected
20:52:29 : -Server crash-

18:50:11 : anthony millz  connected
20:38:26 : -Server crash-
20:41:14 : anthony millz connected
20:42:48 : -Server crash-


Calling in @Captainphil1402 to post his POV among with a list of his allies and any evidence you might have

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I'm sorry the RP came across bad. Not our intention, that's for sure! ? First of all gotta give reps to this guy, such good another. Next level stuff that is for sure. The force-feeding was definitely unnecessary, apologies for that. My intention was to make you talk and that didn't come out clear. Other than that, we just wanted to look for these Russians. Since you didn't have anything more to say we decided to head on. I have personally not interacted with you before, therefore you didn't come across trustworthy. I then disarmed you and placed your gun outside and knocked you out. We left you with a fair chance of survival and you didn't die from the knockout. It is supposed to give us at least 1-2 minutes to get to safety. Sorry, it came across like bad RP and if you felt mistreated. We would all like to talk with you on Teamspeak to sort things out if my explanation is missing some stuff. Or if you have any questions. It can sometimes be understood wrong when you write stuff.

Don't really remember the in-game names, can get them if necessary (They are not online atm)




Gavin Hariss

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Things are talked out on teamspeak. Had some nice RP experiences with those guys today and I assume they know what the report was About. therefore I want to drop the report and get it closed. ?

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Before we look into possibly closing the report we wish to call in @Ritchie and @stefrecon for their full and detailed POVs along with any evidence they might have.

@Captainphil1402, are you sure that 'Gavin Harriss' was you last ally as that person is not whitelisted and has not been on the forums since February.
Could you also tell us who was force feeding the guts?

@Ritchie Could you tell us why you logged off 10 minutes after the hostilities with OP?

Logs have been updated.

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I am 100% his name is Gavin Hariss. It is at least on discord. I was the one force-feeding the guts to Toby. We talked it through on discord for like 30 minutes and I've learned my lesson

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With the op? When was this? If this was yesterday I was having serious connection issues, I had to re log.. When we got attacked same again connection issues always get spikes when Multiple people come into range it sucks. I gave Peter water and my hatchet as good will.

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11 minutes ago, Ritchie said:


This happened on Monday (12.11.18)

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@Ritchie & @stefrecon, I still need you two to post a full and detailed POV from the situation in the report.

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Didn't witness to much as i was keeping an eye out for any possible threats outside peters farm.

Just wanted him to spread the message we were looking for  Cherna Liska but all got slightly messy as it was our first RP as a group together.

After knocking peter out (i couldn't say who this was) we made sure he wasn't going to die and also left his stuff outside.

I love peters RP hence why we paid a visit a second time where he stated it was good RP as we went in together with more of a plan of action to make the experience for all a lot clearer and more fun.

Id hate to see this go any further as we are all slightly in experienced but we are trying to improve and as stated we did improve on the next occasion. 



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@Ritchie will now be temp banned until he posts his POV of the situation in the report. If you do not post your POV of the situation in the report within 24 hours then you'll need to make an appeal to be able to continue playing on our servers.

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We're glad that you guys were able to talk out the situation and the staff team have agreed to close it down, but before we do, we wish to mention some things.

Even though the mechanics for getting sick in game might not be fully working, it is still considered powergaming to force feed someone with any OOC consent, especially when it comes to things like human meat, guts, raw meat, etc. Simply asking in an OOC manner is all that is needed when it comes to force feeding people, as example:

Player 1: //May I force feed you animal guts?
Player 2: //Yes


From the screenshot we can see that OP was handcuffed, yet you decided to knock out the OP as you're about to leave him. Depending on the situation this can be considered BadRP or No Care for Hostage, as there is a chance of the OP dying while he's unconscious after you left. The fact that you also hit him with brass knuckles increases the chance of accidentally killing him as the OP could be on low blood/health and with how buggy DayZ can be. For the future, if you're going to knock someone out it is recommended to just use your fists.

Finally, since @Ritchie failed to give us his POV of the actual situation at hand, he would need to post an appeal with his POV to get his temporary ban removed.

Verdict by @Dino, @Spartan, @DrMax & @lukaszxe

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