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Breaking News [Open Freq]: Live interview with John Moody

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*A brief silence can be heard as the PTT is held down. A confident male voice sounds over the radio.*

Alright, Good Afternoon Katie. Who are you interviewing today?

*Katie takes a breath and responds*

This is Katie Storm broadcasting from an unknown location today. I have with me John Moody himself who has agreed to provide us with an exclusive interview.

So the first question I have for you, John Moody, is to answer the rumours about you being a paedophile. Is there any truth in what people are saying?

No, no its not, I mean, I don’t know where these people are getting these false accusations from…


*A male voice with a Dutch accent can be heard shouting*

Everyone who can hear this, the Savior’s are forcing us to broadcast this…

*Shuffling can be heard in the background followed by the whispers of another male voice*

Say a word again and you will die.


*Moody sounds annoyed*

No they are not, continue with the interview.

So you have no idea where people are getting this from?

Yeah, I don’t know, I mean, we’ve tortured a girl before. I mean, she definitely deserved it.

How old was she?

Ah well according to David Mack you know, the man that was really in charge of her and her livelihood said she was 15. But you know, for a 15 year old, she was already gouging out peoples eyeballs and being a real shithead if you ask me. She got what’s coming to her.

So you thought you would deliver a punishment to her?


What about rumours that you are being assisted by the Free Medics, that they are hiding you in their camp and protecting you?

That is a negative, Free Medics are completely neutral. The only time they have ever helped me is when my brother died and I needed psychiatric help to which I stayed there for three days and then went on my merry fucking way. Free Medics are neutral, they don’t support anyone.

What about the rumours that you are not to be trusted... that you change sides and your loyalties waver depending on what suits you.

I mean, our only loyalty lies with New Moon. It's always lied with New Moon and if someone for some reason thinks they’re our friends and all of a sudden we’re backstabbing them it’s probably because we don’t have proper documentation. Unless you receive proper documentation that we are you’re ally, then…. sorry about it.

Is there anything else you would like to add, anything that you would like to clear up to our listeners?

Ah you could ask another question... what are most people…

*More shuffling and a muffled groan can be heard*

*Katie screams*

Leave him alone!

*John shouts angrily*

Shut the fuck up, this is my God damn interview, get the fuck back in the corner!

*The injured man coughs in the background*

You know what, fuck this! Falk turn off the fucking camera.

*The transmission ends abruptly*

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*Justin would press the PTT* 

To bad I wasn’t in the room for the interview I woulda made sure they didn’t ruin such a lovely interview, than again I got some stains on my fuckin boots cause of him....

*All you would hear is static as the radio cuts*

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