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Markers on the map


Markers on the website map  

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I can't quite remember when we got rid of this but I found it to be a neat introduction. The markers we saw on the website map I thought were pretty cool. Seeing hotspots, knowing where stuff is. It's all pretty nifty and I loved just looking on the map every now and again and seeing what people have been up to. It gives you something to do and check out when you're wandering around without a real destination. However I'm aware of issues that might have come up with this. Too many useless markers, people not taking their marker off the map after it's been rendered useless, all that stuff. So if we were to bring this back, let's do it properly.

I'm sure one of the main reasons why we got rid of it was simply because of people creating markers just for the hell of it. I can remember something about someone's grave that literally no one cared about unless you were in any sort of way affiliated with that character. Things like that just don't matter to anyone really. A way to work around that problem is setting a limit of either play time or time on the forums on when you can create markers. Say you have been a member for a good 6 months now, you know your way around and also have a good 200 hours playtime on the server, then you'd be allowed to create markers.

The basic idea is only giving people who know what they are doing the ability to create markers. Then we also have the problem of now irrelevant markers still being there after about a months time. Even if you're very thoughtful with your marker placement, it just can't be avoided that some people just forget about them. Simplest solution is to auto-delete markers after a while. A little more complicated solution would be sending the placer of said marker a quick notification, asking them if they still wanna keep that marker up or, if we choose option 1, remind them to place their marker again if they wanted it to be up again.

So now we have a map not cluttered through completely with markers and the markers that are present are actually relevant information. They would dissapear after a while should nothing happen and everyone's happy. Right? Let the poll decide!

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  • Emerald
Just now, Symmetrical said:

Sounds like a good edition to me, although it will be spammed as you said, there is no way around it, all in all I vote yes

Yeah, the only real way around that is the mentioned auto-delete thing and a playtime and/or forum registration time cap for posting markers.

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  • Emerald

Im all for it, i wasn't active when it was first introduced, but it sounds like it would be great.

Good way of keep up with settlements and such, if i understand it correctly.

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  • Diamond

Oh yeah, this idea was good when it was around back in the good ole days.It would be nice to see it again. @Roland

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