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Breaking News Mutherfuckers


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*Juan presses the PTT*

“Hey what's up vatos, it's your local press reporter Juan Hernandez back with another story. Today at VMC those “House” eses tried to fuck us, but got fucked back bro. Thats shits like karma or something dog. Those guys cant fight for shit anymore, must be losing their touch or something. Reports say they took the fattest “L” Chernarus has seen since the Chedaki were around.”

*You would hear muttered Chernarussian in the background*

“Oh yeah, and Slava Chernarus, whatever the fuck that means ese.

*Juan releases the PTT*

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  • Sapphire
1 hour ago, Cipher said:

"Who's we?

Aren't you that, as they called it, "half-nigger" that they enslaved?"

*Juan presses his PTT* 

Crazy we found you after you talked all that shit ese. Rest in piece I guess.

*Juan releases his PTT*

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