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Hello! (Again)

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Hey guys, I played in the community around last summer so July-August 2017 and kind of got burned out once our group and characters kind of had a fall out and no longer applied to the lore and I had no where to go.  I was kind of at a idle position and couldn't come up with any new ideas.  I decided to continue playing once the Beta hit and now it is out so I am thinking on getting back into it once holiday break comes around and everything in life starts dying down to where I've got nothing to do.  Just wondering what is going on for the last year or so or hell, even recently with the Beta and plans to start modding the servers and such.  I'm gonna take some time to create a character based on the current situation of the apocalypse and kind of get back on track from what I missed since the outbreak of the infection since I first played.  Thanks guys!

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Hello! ? 

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Hello, hope you enjoy the server again.

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Welcome back! 

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