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Bad version, connection rejected(solved#blind)

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Firstly, i would make sure you have 100% followed everything in this guide.


If you are still having issues with your version, i would suggest making sure you have no pending updates for DayZ.

If none of this works, I would suggest joining the help desk on our discord to talk to me or another Support member to have the issue fixed quickly.

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Hey There @FallenShinobi,

I also noticed that you do not have an active character, which is going to be another issue that keeps you from connecting to the server. You must create a proper character page first, before following any of the instructions given by @JackZRP. You can refer to this page for the lore to base your character on and take a look at this thread for some tips on character creation. You can also take a look at this page to see a list of recently created characters, to study how they were made. Bear in mind that your character has to have a first and a last name that are reasonable and realistic which do not belong to an existing fictional character or a celebrity. You also need a character background story of minimum 500 characters, along with basic details such as PoB/DoB/Nationality/Ethnicity (PoB and such are optional but add a lot of value) and at least one character picture which must be consistent with the physical description of your character while reflecting a clearly visible human face. Finally you can go here and click "Create new character" to get started. Make sure you save it and set your character as active once you are done by going back to the character management page. Afterwards, you need to put your character name (case sensitive) exactly as it is into either DayZ Launcher's (the game's own launcher on Steam) "Parameters" bit and tick the box that says "Profile Name". Then simply launch the game, search for the server using the IP and join.

Bear in mind that you may spawn in with an undesired, randomized character model upon joining the server. In that case follow the instructions below:

- First you need to join the server as explained above.

- Then kill your character in game. 

- You then have to click "Exit" (do not click "Respawn") and go back to the main menu of DayZ, never close down the game.

- While in the main menu, you then need to customize your character and hit "Apply".

- After that you join the server through the in-game browser that is in DayZ by copy-pasting the server IP (you can get the IP on the website).

I hope this information helps. If your problem persists, please feel free to drop by the Help Desk on Discord. Have fun!

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Another thing to highlight for anybody else experiencing said issues.

Firstly, you must obviously make your character fitting required guidelines to be able to connect in-game.

Furthermore, to highlight some key aspects of the join page, You need to download our mods to be able to connect from the steam workshop here.

After doing so, make sure you are on the stable branch of DayZ by opting out of all beta programs - after making sure you are on stable, right click DayZ and hit 'Run DayZ launcher'

Once the launcher has booted up, select parameters and check 'Profile Name' with a tick, then type in your character name in that box.

Once you've done with that, select 'Mods' and tick the 'DayZRP Mod' - this is what you have downloaded from the workshop.

After this is ticked, you can go ahead and click Play, the launcher will open DayZ for you with said mods loaded for you to be able to connect to the server using the IP from the community tab of the DayZ server browser.

Our server IP's are here: 

S1 EU: s1.dayzrp.com:2300

S2 EU: s2.dayzrp.com:2400

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