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Hey, how you Doin? (Newbie)


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Hey everyone, I am Nexar I love to play video games I played GTA RP before but didn't really like it.. I like the zombie style stuff so I thought I would give this a go. I have been writing a novel for a few years but have stopped due to lack of content and need more to keep writing and get more stories and lines to put in. I am only a chapter in so far as I think there is enough words in there for a whole chapter... but I really want to give this DayZRP thing a try I think I am a great actor and I have made my character a Russian Stereo type/Person. But I am looking forward for the opportunity to make this a reality 

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  • Legend

Hello, welcome to the community x

The world could always use more Russians 

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  • Sapphire

Hi there, welcome. 

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