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[GUIDE] Texture Filtering Fix


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  • Sapphire

Disclaimer: This is for people who get upset over really small issues, if you play in lower settings you might not even care, but this was important enough for me to do something about it.

DayZ devs currently broke their Texture Filtering settings, and there's a very easy way to override it and make it all better again!

But first, for those who don't know, Texture Filtering (Or Anisotropic Filtering) enhances the quality of textures if they're seen from an angle and/or from far away. They get blurry to reduce strain on the GPU and increase performance, but it honestly has no effect whatsoever on any game I've played to date. You can increase this without fear. Here's a clear example:

Image result for Texture filtering

As strange as it may sound, this has little to no effect on performance, but a huge increase in quality. If you look at the DayZ graphics options, you'll see this once hovering over the texture filtering option:


This means that, in theory, Medium should be way better than Low, and High should be way better than either of them. But this is not the case. If you switch between Low and Medium, you'll see no difference, while High only increases the quality somewhat, still leaving a lot to be desired. This upsets me GREATLY.

This seems to be an issue with the UI rather than the engine, as if they assigned incorrect values to each setting, making it so Low and Medium are Trilinear (worst setting), and High is 4x Anisotropic, when it should be 16x.

This does honestly make a huge difference in quality, at least for me, so I went to find out what was wrong. And I think I figured it out.

Go over to your DayZ.cfg file in your documents folder, and edit it with either Windows' own notepad, or Notepad++ (everyone should have Notepad++). In there you'll see a bunch of rather simple settings, like window width and depth, some graphics settings like MSAA, Vsync, FXAA, etc. But you'll also see "AnisoFilter", right here:


It will be = 2 if in your in-game settings you chose high. This felt weird and only made my suspicious even more valid, as DayZ settings often go to 4 or 5 (for High and Extreme) in the DayZ files.

So 2 was definitely too low. So, as a test, I changed it to 16, for 16x Anisotropic Filtering, and these were the results:



To get the results on the right, change AnisoFilter=2; to AnisoFilter=16; and save! It's that simple, nothing else.

Hopefully this is patched soon as it annoys me... Probably more than it should.

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  • Sapphire

Yas, thank you for this.

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