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Cant Join The Server!


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Hi all, i have been having having trouble with joining the servers and can't seem to find a solution online!  

I have just recently made an account, created a character and activated him. However when i get into the server i get this error message that i have Attached. 

I have tried creating a new character on the dayz home page and have also tried renaming the character you can see on the screen, however no matter what i do i always join back in as the character on the screen and his name obviously hasnt changed and i get kicked. Im thinking maybe my character creation in dayz is broken somehow..

Anyway if anyone could help that would be sickk cheerss x350808666_Screenshot(12.jpg.5f4411fc94699f5225549af3fa987b9c.jpg


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You need to set your in-game name the exact same as the one that you have set for your character.

Go to "Parameters" in the DayZ launcher and where it says "Profile name" enter your character's name.

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Hello @Gilan

 Please follow this guide to fix your issue.

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