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1 - RDM North West Airfield 11/6/2018 19:15


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Server and location: S1 EU 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  11/06/2018 19:15

Your in game name: Alex Mercer

Names of allies involved: ornberg

Name of suspect/s: unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: we were in the northwest airfield , we met this guy we talked to him for a bit but when he leaves he just walks backwards slowly starring at us , then he pushed back towards us sneaking and then we went right to him in prison my friend said "why are u being so fucking suspicious w, why are you following us" then he leaves the building closes the door as soon as i open the door he shot me dead

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My POV: We met this guy in a gasmask acting hella suspicous not awnsering any of our questions. He walks away slowly with his back turn away facing us. We try to approach him again and he runs away. In a few seconds he comes back running towards the prison and my mate gets killed. I yelled some other shit i can't remember 

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Hit Logs

Alex Mercer

[2018/11/7 19:11:57]: (Alex Mercer) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to RightLeg with Bullet_762x39
[2018/11/7 19:11:57]: (Alex Mercer) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Torso with Bullet_762x39
[2018/11/7 19:11:57]: (Alex Mercer) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Torso with Bullet_762x39

Jakob Falk 

[2018/11/7 19:12:6]: (Jakob Falk) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Torso with Bullet_762x39

Sassy Sullivan

[2018/11/7 19:13:19]: (Sassy Sullivan) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Head with Bullet_762x39

Vinny Sullivan

[2018/11/7 19:13:24]: (Vinny Sullivan) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Head with Bullet_762x39

Kill Logs

[2018/11/7 19:11:57]: (Alex Mercer) killed by (Jamie Sabic)

[2018/11/7 19:13:19]: (Sassy Sullivan) killed by (Jamie Sabic)

[2018/11/7 19:13:24]: (Vinny Sullivan) killed by (Jamie Sabic)

Connection Logs 

- Connection Logs are cuurently unavaliable. We will update them ASAP. Thank You. - 

Calling in @JamieSabic, @Sassy & @Vincent Datello to post their full, detailed POV and provide any video evidence you may have. Please list your allies. Thank you.

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Myself and Vinny were on the airfield looting and after we searched the full airfield we found nothing so we decided to head up to bash to try get some gear. On the way up we heard shots so we wanted to go see whats happening when we got up there we seen a lot of zombie agro so we followed the zombies to try find the people and talk to them. We ran up to the admin building in bash and i ran round the corner of the building and seen a man i shouted Hi and he shot me and Vinny  without saying anything.

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@Vincent Datello, Please can you post YOUR POV. Do not copy and paste your mates. Cheers..

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The suspect has been permanently removed from the community. We're sorry for the inconveniences. This will now be /closed

Signed @DrMax

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