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Bad Version/Stuck on Joining Game

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So when I try to join the server (using the DayZRP Launcher) I get stuck on joining server. So I try to close the game, and just launch DayZ using the same launcher and try to connect through the change server tab. Now I get Bad Version. I've tried deleting/reinstalling the mod, verifying the game. Currently reinstalling DayZ as I have read in another post similar to this, that they have deleted the mod and DayZ and reinstalled both and it worked for them. Is this really the only way?

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Are you running DayZ on the Experimental Build?


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So when you launch DayZ. You have tried both the Join Server Button and Launch Game Button? If you have you can try these two launch parameters for DayZ.

-mod=dayzrp "-name=FirstName LastName"

These will launch what you need, to join the server also, if you already have the Mod installed.

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