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Server time (UTC): 2021-09-25 04:23

Lost my character

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Hello everyone,


I was trying to meet a friend in game, got loads of stuff, set up my game with my hotkeys ect.. 
Tonight I do the update, when launched the game I could see my character in the main menu with all my stuff but when I spawned in game, I lost all my stuff, got a new character and I have a new escape menu, I can't even set up my keys or nothing.


Did I do something wrong ? 

Thanks for your help.

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There was a character wipe with the new update. Good luck looting.

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  • Diamond

There was server wipe due to the base building 

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Hello Sheiz,

With the new update for Experimental Branch. The server had a complete wipe of all data.



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@Sheiz Here is a guide that will help you rebind your keys to your liking since you can't do it ingame.

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