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Player recognition system


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So we’ve all been there, you are in a gun fight, things are tense and you have been hit a few times. The adrenaline is flowing and your trigger finger is twitchy. All of a sudden some random walks around the corner and you spray him down because you thought it was a bad guy....uh oh....it’s actually your teammate who simply failed to announce himself. Or perhaps you have been role playing with a group for a few hours before parting ways with your newfound friends. Later on you want to recognize them again but can’t remember what they are wearing or if they have changed. 

Needless to say there are a number of situations where proper identification of friendly units or friends in general would be a massive help to all players. The system I propose would be one similar to how Rust has theirs currently, where you can tag friendly players into a ‘group’ of sorts and see an indication of where they are when they are not obstructed by line of sight. My suggestion would not be so dissimilar, having the system where once players introduce themselves via names, the name given by that player would be shone over their head in some hopefully non-invasive way while the players are close. The farther the player moves, the more faded the name becomes until it disappears entirely. 

Its not a perfect solution and I’m not even sure how possible it could be in the current engine, but it would be a good step to reduce mis-identification in fights and to aid in a more organic role play experience with players using each other’s in game names more.

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I don't know yet what to think about suggestion itself but I do have one question as it bothers me - you've mentioned that the solution you're proposing would make it so as soon as the individual introduces himself or herself by name, this name will be shown above characters head. How exactly do you think that would work? I mean, most of the times we're playing using our voices so 90% of the time introductions are via microphone.

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I highly doubt this will become a thing.

Because meta-gaming and OOC are such a issue for players on this server. In fact, I think Roland preferred it when everyone's names were "survivor" when we first moved to .63. 

Just my 2 Cents, though I know you're intentions are in the right place. Sadly, not everyone else's will be.

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Just now, Tewudin said:

I don't know yet what to think about suggestion itself but I do have one question as it bothers me - you've mentioned that the solution you're proposing would make it so as soon as the individual introduces himself or herself by name, this name will be shown above characters name. How exactly do you think that would work? I mean, most of the times we're playing using our voices so 90% of the time introductions are via microphone.

Indeed they are done mainly with microphone, though this would most likely be something that would be tied to a series of commands that would be typed into game. For example it could be tied to when someone types *shows id* or something or other. Preferably it would be a system that would develop naturally without any need for player interaction, like the more time you spend within a certain radius of a player, the name would slowly begin to appear over their heads for you.

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  • Emerald

I personally think this is a bad idea, purely for the breaking of immersion via on screen presence. Although maybe a physical representation on the player *cough group clothing cough* could potentially work in a way that doesn't involved pesky coding and intrusive notifiers on screen, if it's done tastefully.

3 minutes ago, Tewudin said:

 How exactly do you think that would work?

Possibly like in SCUM's manner, middle clicking on a player and inviting them to a squad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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I agree I think your intentions behind the idea are well, but personally feel it would be an early Christmas present to people who want to metagame, would be abused way to much imo.

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33 minutes ago, Scottd said:

I agree I think your intentions behind the idea are well, but personally feel it would be an early Christmas present to people who want to metagame, would be abused way to much imo.

Scott hit the nail on the head there.

But yeah, as Kord said, SCUMS version would work.

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  • Diamond

I kinda like how Garry's Mod did it.


Some RP servers had custom scripts that would basically show player names and short descriptions (one line, usually). Now, Necropolis RP, some zombie related RP community, went a step further.


If you joined and saw players, all you could see was their description; names were hidden. But what you could do is "recognize" them by pressing F4. If they also did the same to you, their name appeared for you and vice versa. Basically like getting to know them so you'd remember them.

It's kind of metagamey or so though in the sense that we'd have to live with floating descriptions and names over people's heads, if it were a thing in DayZ due to mods or patches.


The only viable alternative I see is a squad or party system where you obtain the same effect, but only for those in your group or party as opposed to anyone, or basically implementing a shitload of more clothing items and accessory items and faces so you can stand out more.





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  • Legend

It would be a nice idea to help during PVP. But simply, I do not see this working.

People would abuse it a lot, and if you're like me, you like the game to be realistic as possible so I don't want to see my friends names above their head.

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  • Legend

that's a big nope from me :c 

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  • MVP

-1. Where is the ic - focused role play part in such a system?

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  • Emerald


I play RP for the RP, not for PVP. IN situations where you accidentally kill a friendly is your fault. I want RP to be as realistic as possible. IRL scenarios you don't get these advantages so I don't think it should be in RP.


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  • MVP
41 minutes ago, ExoticRP said:

I say nah because that would feel very meta and would be abused a lot.

Also it’s fun to throw a orange arm band on and piss @Dew off.

You ain't pissing me off if you still end up getting clapped ?

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Nononononono please no

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  • Emerald

Would actually love this, but i feel like it should be within like 10 meters. So that when you walk up to Bobby you met last night, you can recognize him and greet him, instead of how it is now, where you feel like you dont know him for the first 10 seconds. I feel it would add as much to roleplay as it would to combat.

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15 hours ago, Ron said:

-1. Where is the ic - focused role play part in such a system?

Where is the IC focused roleplay part in walking up to someone you have met before, plenty of times even, and not immediately recognising them because they have the same face / gear as everyone else? I have roleplayed in a myriad of RPGs where player names either float above people's heads or are highlighted for you when you mouse over them. I would take that over having to akwardly ask in OOC "//uhm sorry who are you again..? x)" or having to wait for them to talk/speak, any day.

I get that people want the uncertainty of who's who in PvP, or don't want their hyper realistic immershun broken, so perhaps instead of a group system, something akin to the latter of my aforementioned examples and what @Bruhstice mentioned above?:

A system where, if you're within a certain range of someone (say 10 meters) and you move your crosshair (ours is invisible, I know, but still) over them, it briefly shows their name? It would basically work like your character is focusing on the person in question to ascertain who they are and the text is their brain telling them "yeah that's brian".

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plenty of hardcore roleplaying communities based on other games do actually use name tags and similar ways of identifying players. finding proof of meta gaming is really easy to find with systems like this, and there is really no drawback to it. If somebody abuses nametags, report them.

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  • Developer

-1 group related clothing would be nice, but other than that, sheer no.

Firefighting should be intense and structured and the chance of shooting friendlies should be a big part of it.

Communication is key and blue on blue happens from time to time.

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  • Sapphire

Don't wanna flame but if you are routinely shooting team mates there is something wrong with your comms. And tbh some groups lore doesn't fit with wearing a armband. I vote no.

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  • MVP

This could work like the current king of the hill on arma 3. Its a panel system where you can ask players to join your group, they can either accept that invitation or deny. Once they accept theres a marker placed on them to show they are friendly.

That being said I gotta give it a -1 cuz it would just ruin immersion. I want it to feel like the zombie apocolypse, if we add this in its just going to make it seem less realistic.

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  • Sapphire


We dont need an arcade-y way of identifying group members. Use armbands or certain pieces of clothing. 
If friendly fire happens then it just happens. 

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  • Sapphire

But isn't that the fun of it? Not knowing if you should take that risk and fire that round, or if you should spare the life even though you MIGHT be scoped in on your worst enemy.

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  • MVP
5 hours ago, RedSky said:


Pretty much this. But I would also add that if this was implemented hiding anywhere (bush, behind low wall, dumpster etc.) would be useless, also if you were pinned down and tried to move to pop a shot from a different part of the cover the guy aiming at you would see this and could just aim where you are moving to without actually seeing you.

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