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A Final Warning Appeal By ASqueakCleanPado

A Foul Goblin

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): none

Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair i was a mad man with my posts, but 10 points for posting a music video on a thread that i felt needed to be a little lighter just because If I put some more words under the post then i would have been fine but i thought that classic hit spoke for itself in the situation.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  Also I never found out why i got 10 points for a unnecessary post besides 3 that i think it is? Also i got put on final after the fact, the reason being that my warning history showed a pattern even though that pattern was very spread out and not intentionally. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be a free man again

What could you have done better?: Not posted a music video in comment in a serious discussion thread

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Hey Pado,

We've reviewed your appeal, forum activity & your ingame activity. Originally you got put on a final after your 18th unnecessary post. The last 3 months you've been active enough on both the forums and ingame. Your attitude improved and there hasn't been a single unnecessary post from your end. The final warning will be lifted but this does not mean that you can go back to your old behaviour. If you start shit posting again you'll be permanently removed from the community, final warnings are only given once.

While going through your warning history I noticed that you had a banstrike that would never expire. That seems to be a mistake which was made when it originally got issued, those 10 points are now lifted aswell. 

That being said, you're a free man.


Outcome: Appeal accepted, final warning & banstrike lifted.

Verdict done by me & thread notes.

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