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Obituary [Open Freq]: Vasili Ivanovich Koslov of the Free Medics

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*Katie pressed down her PTT*

Obituary: Vasili Ivanovich Koslov of the Free Medics

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Vasili Ivanovich Koslov who fell during the slaughter at Chernogorsk at the hands of Cerna Liska.

We spoke to Dr Brandon of the Free Medics, who was unable to attend his funeral held yesterday. He spoke this of his good friend: “I’m not really good at goodbyes, but I hope he is in a happier place.”

I invite listeners to express their condolences or share stories in his memory. Rest in Peace Vasili.

Katie Storm reporting.

*Katie releases her PTT*

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* Krystof listens in to the message being broadcasted before he holds the PTT down on his radio*

If it is news you wish to keep broadcasting i suggest you include the entire truth, and not these propaganda messages News lady.

Yes, Vasili is dead, Yes he was killed me and my bratři hands. Did he die in Chernogorsk? Ne.

He was beaten like the half breed ruski dog he was south of Pustoshka just before the military checkpoint, He was given enough chances to redeem himself.

Instead of doing good on our generosity he go into hiding like coward.

Vasili died no Hero, he paid his debt.

krev za krev
*Krystof sighs as he lets go of the PPT and examines his bruised knuckles*

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*Arno picks up his radio and answers after Krystof*

Krev za krev

This land belong to us, take this death as one of many examples...

*Arno puts the radio aside and sits back at the campfire, joining his fellow bratri, lighting a cigarette.*



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*John picks up the radio and hits the PTT*

”Yea lets be honest, ain’t no way they were able to execute more than two people there in Cherno due to how fast they were slaughtered”

*John releases the PTT*

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