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What is the funniest report you have ever seen/been in?


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  • Sapphire

Whether it's a salty whitename or a meme report, we've all got one which we think back to and have a little chuckle. 

Share yours here! 


Just nothing recent or flame baity! 

Keep it chill! 


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  • Diamond

Pretty sure there was one when we were in GMTC King. Where there was 2 A4 long page hit logs. When Evan tried to put bleach on the food. Cant find the report

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  • Sapphire



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  • MVP

Hold up while I find the "*Gets a boner xD*" report. The report itself isn't that funny, but when I read this I couldn't pick myself up.

22:47:40 | Chat("Gerhard Auer"(id=)): *looks at the body and gets a boner*
22:47:43 | Chat("Gerhard Auer"(id=)): *xD*


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I'm sorry but this one takes the cake for the funniest report

05:01:20 | Chat("Roger Bishop"(id=)): *rubs his nips*
05:21:06 | Chat("Roger Bishop"(id)): *throws up*
05:23:32 | Chat("Roger Bishop"(id): wtf

  Every time I read this I can't help but laugh

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  • Diamond


I was the biggest whitename back then, I'm cringing just looking at my replies. Craziest thing is that 2 weeks after the report I was allowed to join Blackwood, because Vaine didn't recognize my name :trolle:

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  • Server Manager

Drove around in a LAV-25 hunting down SKA because they were filthy PvPers, got reported.

I still lol at "Suspects: Tank" ?

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  • Legend

The Brian Hicks report. Only because of what he did after the fact. Can't find the actual NVFL report, but here is a post event thread 


12 hours ago, WhiskeyFoxtrot said:


Ah Porn House, it will always live in infamy.

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  • Diamond

Any report which involves the OP getting banned for a rule break but the person he reports gets cleared of any rule breaks always gives me a good chuckle.

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  • MVP

I did enjoy this one. At some point the hostage started to sing africa by toto while being brought to an execution. 

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