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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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A message to a Jimmy [99.4 KHz]


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*Presses his PTT and breaks the static of the frequency*


"This is a message to a Jimmy. I'll keep it short. Sally is alright and in good care. This is all I can tell you at this moment."


*The PTT is released and the static returns.*

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*Sighs after hearing the message, reaching over to his radio pressing down the PTT*

"Uh, I think I'm that Jimmy"

*Chuckles, trying to lighten the mood for himself*

"Please get back to me with more information"
*Releases the PTT, letting out another sigh*

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*Presses his PTT and remains quiet for a moment. He lets out a sigh before speaking. *

"Sally expressed the concern for her safety so as of now, I cannot disclose our position. We treated several gunshot wounds and observed her over the night. She's stable now but she lost quite a lot blood. But in all this, she remained hard as stone and even stitched one of her own injuries. "

" So, I will give you more information on a need to know basis or when she takes a turn for the worst. "

*The PTT is released and the static returns.*

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*Sits up rubbing his eyes briefly, before he reaches over picking up his radio pressing his PTT*

"Jesus Christ..."

*Pauses for a moment looking around the room, before setting his gaze to the ceiling speaking*

"Just please keep me posted if things go bad"

*Audible shouting could be heard before he releases the PTT*

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