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Video editing programs


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As some of you know im rping as a member of the press. My character has a camera and records alot of stuff. Now I need a program to let me put a overlay on it so it looks like its really getting recorded via a camera. Something like this.

And why is the server down?


Thanks ?


- Jack 



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Something like that can easily be achieved using Sony Vegas (or any other video editing software that let's you have multiple video layers) and putting a green-screen camera overlay video on-top of the video footage and chromakeying the green out.

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You can download Sony Vegas Pro, and get an overlay like this on it

Of course you can find other templates but it's fairly easy to use.

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A simple solution: if you don't want to do the editing after recording, you could try using an overlay in OBS, like for streaming, but yours would have the "camera look". It can be either a transparent jpg or a short video in loop if you wanna have like battery flashing, record indicator flashing etc. - that's if you don't wanna do some extra editing and adding effects.

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Just get adobe Premiere. It's really simple to get, even though it's a few 100 dollars I can get it you for free. 

Step 1: Get into a university that has adobe premiere accessible on their uni PC's for free...

Step 2: Use it


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