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Powder Gangers [PG] (Recruitment: Closed)

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There are several groups of loosely organized Powder Gangers that organized quickly after the prison break. Many remain in the prison and have been raiding surrounding areas. There are factions of Powder Gangers spread far along the southeastern part of the Chernarus Wasteland, all the way down towards Kamenka.
Although the group is made of criminals and convicts, their leader Samuel is a smart man, he organises everything and is in-charge of the groups safety and well being, he calls the shots and he is loved by his people, he is also very charismatic, which is probably the reason the group is still stands on its feet.
The group is very organised, it has hierarchy and order, it has one leader and he has his deputies, the Gangers are roaming around the land usually still dressed in their prison outfit or torn down clothes, as a symbol of true freedom, which is their very being, their reason to live.
They will never support any group that tries to set its own set of rules on the people or on Chernarus as a state, they truly believe in freedom and that everyone makes his own choices and they will do anything in their power to achieve that for everyone still not free, the best option people have of achieving true freedom is by joining the Gangers.




The Powder Gangers were prisoners brought into Chernarus by the CDF from high level prisons all over eastern Europe in order to rebuild the railroads. Housed in the CDF Correctional Facility, the prisoners were subjected to extremely harsh discipline, leading some to plan a revolt. Having been supplied with dynamite for the purposes of breaking up rocks on the railroad, a small number of prisoners proceeded to sneak small portions back into their cells and used it to start a prison riot.

While the prisoners used to work on the Chernarus railroads, local citizens who were passing by used to stop in order to mock them, sometimes they would even throw rocks at the prisoners. The CDF guards didn't do anything to stop them, they even encouraged them to abuse the poor prisoners. The prisoners were working on the railroads from sunrise until sunset every single day of the week, without any rest. After they finished their daily work they were taken back at the correctional facility, where their torture went on, they were beaten and tortured by the guards. The Prisoners slowly started stacking explosives in their cells as word of revolt has began to spread around the prison cells.

Some talk about an infection started spreading throughout the prison, once people started to take it seriously and realized something is happening in the main land most of the facility workers, including most guards who were local took off and left in order to be with their families. Now that there are barely any people guarding the place, the prisoners have decided this is the perfect time to make their move. They used the explosives in order to break through their cells, they immediately went for the guards and their weapons. The revolt was ugly, a lot of men died that day, but nevertheless it was successful and the prisoners took over the facility, killing most of the former guards and workers..

*They were all standing in the yard, everybody were shouting, there was uncertainty of what the future holds, should they remain in the prison, should they leave together as a group or maybe they need to split up. In the middle of all the chaos, Samuel Nash, the leader of the revolt, fires a shot in the air, suddenly silence prevails as he walks up the stairs of the hanging podium in the yard, he looks around and takes a heavy breath as if he is about to give a speech.*


"We have dreamed about this day for years now, today is the day we reclaim our freedom and break through these walls, we have been subjugated by the CDF and by the citizens of this land for too long, now lets face the facts, we are no good people, not even one of us is, we were brought down to this god-forsaken country in order to pay for our crimes and rebuild their fucking railroads, and they had tortured our souls, our bodies and minds, but not anymore, we are free men now.
Now listen, it will not be easy from now on, there are talks about a plague going around, a disease, something about the dead coming back to life, I cant force any of you to follow my lead, but I can guarantee, that if you do, you will live a full life and you will revenge what has happened here in the past years, because no human being deserves that. Everyone who wishes to follow me say so now."

*Everyone the yard shouts while raising their weapons in the air*


"We will start by rebuilding this prison, we will make it our haven, our home, we will recruit civilians, even if we need to do so by force, we will do it, we will grow in numbers, we will spread all throughout this land, from south to north, we will set up camps and soon, soon we will rule it."

*Fires a shot in the air and it is followed by more shots from everyone in the yard"



"Remember this day people, today is the day we redefine ourselves as free men."

Since then, they have set up numerous camps and laid low, they conducted raids on cities and on groups in order to collect gear and information about the CDF, as they were still seeking revenge. They have taken to calling themselves "Powder Gangers", in reference to the explosives they use as weapons. 

Its day 483 since the outbreak, the group has lost most of its members, the prison was constantly hit by other groups until everyone guarding it have either died defending it or simply left. this is the worst time in the groups history, They are now starting to resurface in order to grow in numbers and gain their power back, they are roaming around Chernarus, spreading the word about the recruitment, there are no high demands for recruits as the group is assembled by ex cons. They are starting to rebuild their camps with the main goal of retaking the prison that was once their home and making it a haven for everyone who are still lost out there.

They are a group made of people with violent patterns and criminal behavior as all of them were convicted with felonies of the highest level, most likely to take a hostile stance when running into travelers but that is only because they are very defensive, seeing that they are now very low in numbers, and cant seem to trust anyone off the bat because of their past.
They may come off as a bit harsh at first but they will never harm a fellow traveler without being given a reason to do so, their main mission at the moment is getting their ranks back to what they were and after that set up their haven and that is why they could use every pair of hands they run in to. With all that said, do not mistake any of that for a weakness, as they are very creative when it comes to violence,  they will never give up what is theirs, and that is their freedom. And their explosives.



Hunt down any CDF members that are still alive and bring them to justice (ongoing)

Protect the people of the wasteland from any group that enforces its own set of rules and laws (ongoing)

Find civilians and recruit them to the Powder Gangers lines and hives (ongoing)

Re-establish our notoriety in the land of Chernarus (day 500)

Regain control of weapons caches, military and medical supplies (day 530)

Establish 3 check posts and a functioning trading route between them (Day 550)

Set up a correctional facility open for the wide crowd as a haven (day 600)





-Samuel Nash-

Right Hand:

-Boris Ivanov-


-Anatoly Babayev-
-Suleiman Kerimov-


-Sergey Kurgan-
















Recruitment Is Currently- CLOSED

Country/ Timezone:
In Game Name:
Character Background Story:
Arma/ DayZ/ DayZRP experience:


Due to its story, the group will play in an "angry' RP style, it wont be hostile to everyone, nor it will rob anyone for no reason. if people act against the group, measures will be taken.

The purpose of this group is to bring something different and exciting to RP,  this was made before my friends and I and it worked pretty good so we decided to give it another try.

Feel free to criticize and give your honest opinion, whether if it's good or bad.

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  • MVP
23 minutes ago, Symmetrical said:

This is still WIP and the backstory is a subject to be changed.

I really dig the general idea of the group, but work in progress groups aren't allowed unfortunately.


I'd suggest dropping the Fallout theme and images putting your own spin on it.

Edited by Banshee
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  • Emerald

It looks okay and could use some work, but as Banshee said WIP groups aren't allowed.

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  • Sapphire

I'd drop the fallout theme and rebrand. Have the powder gangers from fallout as an inspiration but put your own spin on it.

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  • Diamond

I'm going to +1 Sasha's reply. Drop the Fallout theme. Although the graphics are REALLY nice, I'd say put your own spin on things instead.

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  • MVP

To be completely honest, this is far from original. Even the pictures are from Fallout directly. I understand the appeal of it and I honestly love the game so taking inspiration from this is more than alright - but making a direct copy of the fictional group just decreases the value of the idea by a massive margin. Pretty much everything on the thread (except for the graphics, they are cool) could use a re-work. That includes the name of the group as well.

But hey, this is just my five cents.

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  • MVP

Not to trash on the thread but...

This is quite literally a copy-paste of the Fallout New Vegas Powder Gangers with just about the only noticable tweak being that it took place in Chernarus rather than the Mojave Wasteland, and a little nod to the infection.


Concept is great don't get me wrong, it just seems lackluster and low-effort considering that the lore is pretty much written for you.

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4 minutes ago, Ducky said:

Not to trash on the thread but...

This is quite literally a copy-paste of the Fallout New Vegas Powder Gangers with just about the only noticable tweak being that it took place in Chernarus rather than the Mojave Wasteland, and a little nod to the infection.


Concept is great don't get me wrong, it just seems lackluster and low-effort considering that the lore is pretty much written for you.

You're not trashing at all, Thanks for the constructive comments, we will work on it and keep you updated, thanks !

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Poggers dude i remember this from back in my day, +1 Love the concept.

Edited by Leon_Idas
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33 minutes ago, Ducky said:

Not to trash on the thread but...

This is quite literally a copy-paste of the Fallout New Vegas Powder Gangers with just about the only noticable tweak being that it took place in Chernarus rather than the Mojave Wasteland, and a little nod to the infection.


Concept is great don't get me wrong, it just seems lackluster and low-effort considering that the lore is pretty much written for you.

We are working on backstory, but we really like the idea of the powder gangers because we think that it can work really well in DayZRP, it worked before since this a revival of an old DayZRP Mod Group that we made.

We'll keep working on and you are not trashing at all thank you for the criticism 

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  • Sapphire

I love it. Joe cobb out here in dayz

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Good luck with the group guys i wanna see some New Vegas references there somewhere like if u had a guy called Joseph cobb id explode !!!!

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  • Diamond

Why do I get the vibe that the lore is from 2015?

Edited by Eagle
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my signature says it all. looks good boys

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Love the shameless "yeah we got this from fallout" with the vault boys used in the diplomacy section. 

Good luck boys, we need some more down to earth "we gonna be semi ok with you, but you fuck us... we fuck you" groups ^_^

I wanna be robbed for my riches or attitude  not my skin colour ?

Edited by The Traveler
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  • Sapphire

Please please please make this a thing. I always loved the idea of anarchism/third pillar politics v. order and conservatism, when it is done right.

In other words please don't be just run-of-the-mill bandits. Do something memorable, something that furthers lore, storylines, and playstyles. Show me - show us - what makes this different.

I wholeheartedly expect to see y'all in game considering we are a government group. Until then, good luck!

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  • Legend

Group look good. I suggest adding a couple more goals that are SMART. Also ya need to get that 5th member! Other than that, I can't wait to see this group in action.

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Right staff team, we need an official lore for the Prison. I swear I drop my group (Ex-Convicts) then CL drop CL (Which I'm cool with) then these lot...

Get an official lore going, kinda need it. 

Edited by Beni
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  • Legend

I think you should get rid of the completed goals. You "completed" all of these prior to the group actually being a thing, and it doesn't necessarily fit with the lore. For example, some people actually claimed prison island in game after that. There are constant groups who "claim" prison island. It just powergames quite a bit.

I would personally dropped the fallout-esque vibe and put your own spin on it.
On top of that, I think you need more SMART goals instead of just (ongoing).

You'll also need a 5th member by this time next week, otherwise the group will be archived.

Best of luck.

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  • Diamond

Thats my island ? 


Good luck boys Looking good.

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I'd try to steer yourself away from the fallout thematics here pal, and make this something of your own rather than taking New Vegas to Chernarus. Take some time to get it as far away as possible while trying to keep its ties to what you wanted. Otherwise good luck with your group friendo.

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  • Diamond

Good luck. I also share some of the feedback here, some slightly more unique aspects and fixes and it would be a cool thing. 


I gotta say, I was eyeballing this group and could not help it and think of this fitting thing:



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