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s1 kabanino 04/11- 2018 20.50 KOS


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Server and location: S1 kabanino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  20.50

Your in game name: Esme Maganti

Names of allies involved: vitness sunshine

Name of suspect/s: Kemenici

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

Detailed description of the events: i was in kabanino at the well taking a drink and some kemenici guys were there, calling me a whore and bitch, so i left going towards the church and meet a guy and girl, so i went back with them to the well, and the kemenici was gone, but then some cerni leska was there, and we had a convecation, then we hear gun shoots from stary, and some guys come up to the well i kabanino where we stand, and all of the sudden on guy shoots another guy, and me and sunshine (forum name) run into pianohouse, and hide, since we did not want to run and risk getting shot. all of the sudden the door opens, without anyone saying anything, and i say hey we are not gonna do anything, or something like that, and i just get shot. i was not initiated on or given a comaned. i did not know there was gonna be a fight i kabanino, and me and sunshine was were just trying to hide and not get caugt up in anything. 

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Connection Logs

[2018/11/4 20:1:5]:  (Esme Maganti) connected 
- died -

[2018/11/4 20:28:57]:  (Isaac Ermakov) connected 
- died later -

Hit Logs

[2018/11/4 20:51:38]: (Esme Maganti) hit by (Isaac Ermakov) to Head with Bullet_762x39 

Kill Logs

[2018/11/4 20:51:38]: (Esme Maganti) killed by (Isaac Ermakov) 

Calling in @Lucas & @Sunshine for their PoV. Please also provide any video evidence you may have & list your allies in this situation.

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Isaac Ermakov POV: We get into a huge firefight and shots are fired all over the place, multiple groups involved: Kamenici, Saviours, The House, Cerna Liska and other civs all over the place. Main fighting is happened in the centre of Kab. Most of my men are dead and I'm held up just outside the barns behind the hay stack and I am told that Piano is hostile. As I get shot from  either piano building or garry cash out just next piano I make my way into piano too hopefully go out in a blaze of glory. As I'm entering I rush up the stairs open the door and find sophie sitting behind her desk with her M4 weapon out cover door with Sunshine in the corner with her pistol out. Seeing this as a threat due to the massive firefight with civs and groups happening before they can do anything I spray sophie down for being a threat. As I hear a constant shouting from sunshine yelling "I SURRENDER, I SURRENDER" Or something along the lines I deem her not to be a threat due to speaking with her earlier on and her only having a pistol. I tell her to leave the house before I get pushed by 3 men whom I absolutely destroy killing all of them and then dying to a man from barns. 

There are a few things missing from her POV including the fact she has not stated she was spotted running with her weapon out during the firefight, her having her weapon out whilst covering the door as I opened it. I fail to understand how hard it is to show that you're not a threat? It's not hard to put your hand(s) up or even put your weapon on your back. This firefight was going on for a good 30 mins - 1 hour with constant shots and we even told @Sunshine a firefight was going to happen. It's easy too leave down with your hand up, weapon on your back/floor and leave whilst walking. Also what was you hiding from/not trying to get caught up in then if you didn't know a firefight was going on?

No evidence of what happened.

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@Sophie and I were in Kab at the well. We talked with several groups that came through. We heard the gunfire start in Stary and knew that a battle was going on there, but felt safe in Kab because it was a different town so we stayed.  A small scuffle broke out between two of the guys and one of them was shot and killed. While we were trying to figure out what was going on gunfire started in Kab from what sounded like all us from all sides. Sophie and I were standing right in the doorway of the green house so we ran inside and shut the doors. We  went upstairs where we stayed with the door closed for a while.  After a while we ventured into the window room  to get a better idea of what was going on. Sophie could see a shooter across the street  who looked like he was aiming at us and we stayed hidden as best we could against the wall. We did not leave the house because we could hear gunshots from all sides and Sophie could see snipers outside.

Sophie was under the window crouched when the door opened and I was against the wall. As soon as the door opened I yelled "I surrender, I surrender". Sophie yelled something like that too - Something like "Wait, wait, we're not with them", or something along those lines. But she was in view from the door and was gunned down immediately.

The shooter then told me to leave, and I did. 

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Well we were at the well for a good time, and no fight was happening, before we heard shoots from stary. i think we were at the well for over 15 mins, and no fight was going on. and as i said when we heard shoots we ran into the pianohouse, and hid. i said i did not know a fight was going on when i arrived at kabanino. nothing was going on, just some cerna liska talking. we were never told that there was a fight going on. and yes i had my gun out, but you did not know that, and i just had it out as a habit. but you did not say anything before opening the door, you could have said "you in there put your hands up, or you die, but nothing was said, and the second the door opend i yelled, we are not gonna do anything, and i did not raise my gun, and you just sprayed me down. i didn't even have time to put my gun away

And there was no fighting happening in center of kabanino, when we were at the well, the "fight" first started when two guys was arguing and the one guy shoot the other, and then all hell broke loose

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@Sophie, @Sunshine & @Lucas - Do you or any of your allies have any video evidence of the situation?

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When i entered kabanino there was some Kemenici guys at the well and they didn’t say anything about a fight, and when I returned too the well with sunshine the cherna liska guys  did not talk about a fight either. Everybody there was calm 


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Doing a quick recap of the situation, we see that there are two people stuck in a piano house that is surrounded by a firefight. Lucas enters the house and runs up to the room that these two are trapped in, and continue to kill one of them that is posing a threat.

What we can see from this is that Sophie was not involved in the firefight, they were bystanders that got stuck in the building after bullets started flying. Regardless of the situation, Sophie was a bystander that got caught in the building and was killed when she had nothing to do with it. Even if she had her gun up, or down to her side Lucas should have taken a second and confirmed his target before firing his weapon. It can also be confirmed that they were not threats due to the fact that Sunshine was let leave, but not Sophie. For that reason, Lucas has been killed of an invalid kill - firefight. 

In the future, we ask that you take these situations slowly and identify your targets before killing them to avoid confusion in the future. Initiating on the two first, instead of opening fire would have lead to more RP as well as the avoidance of confusion. Even shouting up the stairs to identify who was there could've been beneficial. 


@Lucas | Invalid Kill | Guilty - 2 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points

me @Sleepyhead and @Jamie

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Due to a small hint of confusion, your ban strike has been removed and replaced with 5 points. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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