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Breaking News [Open Freq]: Kamenici defeated following tense standoff

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  • MVP

*Oskar lays down next to a fire lazily listening to the broadcast not paying much attention to it until he hears something that peaks his interest*

*He picks up his radio and responds*

"The what now? Did I hear that right?"

"The...Butterfly Squad?"

"Sounds like a real group of cold blooded killers. No wonder the Kamenichi lost if they had to fight against the dreaded Butterfly Squad"

*Oskar places the radio on a rock waiting for a response, chuckles and mutters to himself: "Oh no...anything but the Butterfly Squad"

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*Amongst his fellow Butterfly's Ash forces a smile and a chuckle through his fresh wounds after the long standoff at VMC*

*Slowly turning to his radio grunting in pain he picks up his radio and hits the PTT*

With thanks to The New Moon and The House...

*Coughing echos through the walkie*

Who wouldnt have been able to do it without the help of us 'Cold blooded killers' rallying many to this cause 

We are thankful for everyone's efforts in taking down these nationalist pests *Grunting whilst shifting his body to sit up*

Butterfly Out

*Clicking off the PTT on his walkie he looks around the camp fire at his fellow butterflys he lays down to rest and to live another day*

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  • Diamond

He grabs the radio and raises his eyebrows briefly before speaking.

<:: For whatever its worth, good job. I will continue to congratulate and try to assist until they cool down from the rabies that befell at least some of them.

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