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Monetary Question


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  • Sapphire

If this is in the wrong place, my bad.

So, if it wasn't already obvious, I returned back from a vacation like a lot of people which leaves me on 29 warning points (Of course). As I'm going through the site since my return, I notice that if I wanted to upgrade to Tycoon, it'd be 100 Euro which makes sense, if I hadn't donated before.

Question here is, is this intentional? I assume so or am I able to donate the remaining 25 Euro to reach Tycoon instead of the 100. Under "Purchases", it's empty since my vacation.


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  • Server Manager

That's because you must have donated still on the old website, some purchases were not transferred. There's no record on this new website that you ever purchased anything. I fixed that for you.

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  • Sapphire
Just now, Roland said:


Makes sense, cheers. Feel free to close this!

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  • MVP

//Closed upon request from OP

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