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Cannot Complete white list app due to steam

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Dear Reviewing admin,

I have recently tried to fill in a white list application but I cannot sign into steam to access the next step , it say's I have entered my password to many times incorrectly and even after changing my password and waiting 48 hours I get the same error. This is preventing me from writing my app and furthermore steam support promps either ask me to reset my password [Already done] or say I do have access as im signed in on my phone and app which is true but it won't let me sign in on any browsers. If there is a manual way around this step or any other advise please let me know.


Regards Calypso 

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Hey Again @CalypsoMoon,

You must submit a support ticket for the Admins to take a look at your issue. In it, please include as much information and details as you can. You can submit your support ticket by going here and clicking "New Request". Hope the problem can be sorted out soon.

Thank you!

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