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S1: Kos, bad RP Stary sobo 2018-11-01, 04:25


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Server and location:  Stary sobor white house by pump

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2018-11-02, 04:25

Your in game name:  lee havemore

Names of allies involved: 

Name of suspect/s: 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events:  I was a fresh spawn coming up from the south cost up to stary, i had some music playing in game for rp reasons. as i was walking into stary two guys confronted me with svds, I turned down the music to hear them yelling at me to turn it off, so i did. as i was turning it off they were counting down and shot me point blank.  i was a fresh spawn and there was no attempt to RP.

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The staff team have decided to keep the report open until we get a better understanding of the situation.
Apologies for any inconvenience.

Connection Logs

[2018/11/2 3:47:43]:  (Lee Havemore) connected 
- died -

[2018/11/2 2:48:8]:  (Ramon Pushkin) connected 
[2018/11/2 5:47:9]:  (Ramon Pushkin) disconnected 

Hit Logs

[2018/11/2 4:26:14]: 7 (Lee Havemore) hit by  (Ramon Pushkin) to RightLeg with Bullet_762x54
[2018/11/2 4:26:15]:  (Lee Havemore) hit by  (Ramon Pushkin) to Torso with Bullet_762x54
[2018/11/2 4:26:15]:  (Lee Havemore) hit by  (Ramon Pushkin) to RightLeg with Bullet_762x54

Kill Logs

[2018/11/2 4:26:15]:  (Lee Havemore) killed by  (Ramon Pushkin)

Calling in @Eagle for his PoV. Please also include any video evidence you may have & list your allies. Thank you.

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Hello, not much changes from my POV and his that would give you any greater understanding of the case but here I go I guess.
Me and Storm are sitting by the church when his chap for some reason starts blasting music through his face, we saw no emote or anything signaling that it was being played through a 3'rd party, us being confused about hearing the tune we thought it was a radio but move closer to the sound and there is where my video starts. 
We scream at him to turn it down as us chernorussian men have no interest in their filthy western music props the worst people to play such tricks on, we then scream at him to turn the fucking music off or he would be killed. I waited around 7-8 seconds before starting to blast the chap which I know does not fit your unwritten rule of 10 seconds but honestly, his music was pissing me off with how loud it was and a lack of response we got from the person. He gets shot but as you will see a lot of bullets don't connect because hip fire is aids in this game, on the last 2-3 rounds he dies but that's when the music stops so I guess ban me for RDM.


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So we were standing in Stary Sobor just minding our own business when suddenly we start hearing country roads being blasted from the house next to us. The man then heads to the door still blasting his music. We initiate,  he takes too long and Eagle gave him the yeet.

Thats about it. We spoke in Teamspeak and laughed off the situation. You can close the report now detective.

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@Eagle | RDM | Not Guilty


A team of staff members have looked over the report and have come to the following conclusion.

To give a brief summary of the situation, Eagle & Storm hear music playing out of nowhere. They walk over to investigate, where they find Ruan playing music through his microphone. Ruan is told to turn the music off otherwise, he will face death. After not turning the music off, he is then killed by Eagle.

As shown in the video evidence found above, it's clear to us that Ruan was given plenty of time to comply to Eagle & Storm's demands. Considering it would be as easy as pressing caps lock twice and there was enough time to do this between the demand first being made & being killed, Eagle will not receive punishment for RDM.

However, we would like to mention to @Ruan that sometimes playing music in game through your microphone can come across as BadRP. It depends on the situation, of course, but please keep this in mind. As long as you emote where the music is coming from, may it be from a guitar you found in game or speakers you hooked up to a generator, that's alright. If you randomly start playing music through your microphone, it might come across in a way that you didn't intend. 

@Eagle | RDM - Roleplayed | No Punishment

Signed by @Sleepyhead, @Jamie , @lukaszxe & @DrMax 

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