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[91.8mhz] Attention to all who hear

groovy cali

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A happy sounding shipman would come over the open frequency with an announcement, in his Chernarussian accent he said:

"Attention to all who hear! The shipman of the CR Chernogorsk will be providing aid and protection to the newly welcomed Silk Road Trading Post in the city of Chernogorsk! The Free Medics have been making many travels to the city in last day and talks of medical post are in the air! Technicalities will be woven this Saturday after the grand meeting is adjourned.


We seek no hostilities and only wish to provide aid and shelter for any who wish to come down, all conflicts will be asked to remain OUT of the city or will be dealt with accordingly, we wish not to turn our staging post into a warzone.


Thank you for your time,

Benedict out."

And with that, the national anthem of Chernarus played, and then the broadcast came to an end.

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Yuri presses down the PTT and responds in a friendly Chernarussian accent.

“Hello Chief! As I believe you called yourself on the other frequency. It is good to hear more Chernarussians.”

”I cannot speak for the whole of Kamenici, but I do hope you do not wish to provide aid to our enemies.”

Yuri releases the PTT.

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*Josif grips his radio and presses firmly down on the PTT*

*in Chernarussian*  "I trust you will be helping our kind only, am i correct in trusting you doing that, 'Chief?'"

*Josif loosens his grip on the radio and releases the PTT*

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  • Sapphire

The tired seaman came over the net, speaking in his native tongue this time as he spoke to the nationalist.

"We hope to provide a relatively neutral zone to those who deserve it. If anyone isn't deemed an enemy to our state or allies, and follows all laws set by my shipmates and superiors. We do not wish to turn away those seeking asylum simply due to a bloodline, but we do not wish to harbor enemies of our brothers in arms. All will be cleared on Saturday, and Admiral Nespenov will gladly answer any and all questions to those in attendance.

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