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Bad image error


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every time i try to use the dzsa launcher it say bad image error and ive looked at my launch option and i tried run as admin but that doesnt work

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  • Sapphire

use the DayzRP launcher found here: 


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  • Sapphire

gotcha, are you running 0.63 experimental?

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  • Sapphire

Okay, I would suggest waiting until you are whitelisted then try using the DayzRP launcher. But if you are trying to play a different server, then try launching it through Dayz normally

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hey man that didnt work i got accepted and it still says it


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  • MVP

Hey @JamesCannon,

It seems like you also do not have an active character at the moment. You need to have a properly created character page that fits the lore and character guidelines to play on DayZRP servers. You can refer to this page for the lore and take a look at this thread for some tips on character creation. You can also take a look at this page to see a list of recently created characters, to study how they were made. Bear in mind that your character has to have a first and a last name that are reasonable and realistic which do not belong to an existing fictional character or a celebrity. You also need a character background story of minimum 500 characters, along with basic details such as PoB/DoB/Nationality/Ethnicity and at least one character picture which must be consistent with the physical description of your character while reflecting a clearly visible human face. Finally you can go here and click "Create new character" to get started. Make sure you save it and set your character as active once you are done by going back to the character management page. Afterwards, you need to put your character name (case sensitive) exactly as it is into either DayZSA Launcher or DayZRP Launcher.

For your launcher problem, you may want to try turning off or uninstalling any antivirus/antimalware applications you have and by forcing an exclusion on your firewall. If you still keep having technical issues with the launchers, you can also try using the manual DayZRP Mod install by going here. In case that does not work either, please feel free to drop by the Help Desk on Discord so we can look into it together. Hope this information helps, good luck!

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