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Server time (UTC): 2021-09-16 20:52

unexpected token

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1 minute ago, RossGodds said:

whenever i try to join the server via dayZRP Launcher it gives me this error message 


Do you have the newest version of the DayZRP Launcher and are you launching it as Administrator or normally?

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Can you check your logs for me? Navigate to the DayZRP Launcher Folder in %appdata%.

And if you can post a screenshot of your logs that would help out too.

Another idea to try. Delete the Entire DayZRP Launcher folder in %appdata%. Then reinstall the DayZRP Launcher


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  • Sapphire

I'm also having this issue. No further logs then what is provided in OP.

Everything is up to date and I've tried reinstalling it. Same error occurs. Also tried running it as administrator.

Update: overcame this by installing the mod manually.

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56 minutes ago, DeadKiller said:

I had this Problem a little While ago. I fixed it by

  1. Uninstalling the launcher
  2. Uninstalling Java
  3. Reinstalling Java
  4. Reinstalling the Launcher

I'd say try that.

yes I went into %appdata% and deleted dayzrp launcher data and anything to do with it and redownloaded it and it fixed everything


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